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Government Civil Investigation & Litigation

Representing clients in FTC and Antitrust Division nonmerger investigations and civil actions is a major feature of our practice.  We also regularly represent clients in investigations by state attorneys general, including investigations by multistate task forces created by the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG). 

Government Experience
Many of Steptoe's lawyers have had government experience at the Antitrust Division of the DOJ, the FTC, and the US Congress:

  • Bob Fleishman—  Bureau of Competition and Attorney Advisor to the Commissioner, FTC
  • Dave Roll— Assistant Director, Bureau of Competition, FTC

Representative Matters

  • Representing a major telecommunications equipment manufacturer in a DOJ civil investigation of potential price-fixing, market allocation, and monopolization relating to technology development.
  • Representing a major foreign insurer in price-fixing and market allocation investigations by state attorneys general and state insurance regulators.
  • Representing a major electric utility in a DOJ civil investigation regarding possible monopolization arising from an alleged refusal to wheel power.
  • Representing another major electric utility in a DOJ civil investigation demand relating to an alleged conspiracy regarding a state's electric vehicle program.
  • Representing a major trade association in several investigations by the FTC and the DOJ relating to allegations of price-fixing and conspiracies to exclude competitors.
  • Defending an investigation into alleged practices relating to law school accreditation.
  • Defending a healthcare company in a Florida Attorney General investigation into alleged division of territories.
  • Defending homeowner's insurers in a Florida Attorney General investigation into an alleged conspiracy to fix hurricane insurance prices.
  • Defending auto insurers in a California Attorney General investigation into alleged collusive activity by insurers in response to state rate restrictions.
  • Defending a major Japanese electronics manufacturer in a 50-state investigation into resale price maintenance.
  • Representing an Internet-based travel service in a DOJ investigation of contractual arrangements with airlines.
  • Representing a leading securities dealer in the DOJ's NASDAQ investigation.
  • Representing a trade association in FTC investigations of pharmaceutical pricing, marketing, and patent practices.

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