Emerging Cannabis Regulatory Issues

Due to the increasing number of states legalizing cannabis for medical and recreational use, many questions have surfaced regarding the impact of EPA, FDA, and state requirements on pesticides and FDA-regulated products utilized by the burgeoning cannabis industry. Steptoe has a long history of advising clients on regulatory compliance for pesticides,  food contact substances, and packaging materials. Our integrated team of lawyers, scientists, and technical consultants is well-positioned to advise companies that supply products to the cannabis market, such as pesticides or food packaging materials.

We assist clients with state and federal regulatory issues related to pesticides, including special local needs registrations and marketing claims. With a reputation for constructive engagement with regulators, we provide guidance on the regulatory implications of selling foods, food ingredients, and packaging materials for marijuana edibles, including labeling and advertising. Our team has significant experience assisting clients in responding to enforcement actions and recalls related to pesticides, food, and food packaging.