Catherine B. Rice

1330 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington DC 20036
TEL: +1 202 862 3803
FAX: +1 202 429 3902

Catherine B. Rice is a non-attorney environmental regulatory specialist at Steptoe.  Ms. Rice has more than 25 years of environmental experience, primarily in the area of pesticides. 

Prior to joining the firm, she worked in both the public and private regulatory field, where she worked extensively to bring new pesticide products and unique technologies to market.  She has a broad knowledge of pesticide registration issues, and has experience registering antimicrobial, biochemical, and conventional active ingredients and end-use products.

Ms. Rice also has experience on registering antimicrobial products that are regulated under the joint jurisdiction of the EPA and FDA.  She is aware of the unique food contact/tolerance issues and joint labeling requirements associated with these products.

Ms. Rice works closely with clients and EPA Office of Pesticide Programs staff in developing and facilitating registration strategies and product compliance issues.  She also works on state regulatory issues, primarily on matters involving California and New York.

Ms. Rice’s prior experience included the position of regulatory manager for a chemical company.  In this capacity she was responsible for obtaining new pesticide registration, maintaining the current Federal and State registration, overseeing the transfer of products to/from the company, and ensuring that all of the company’s pesticide-producing facilities were in compliance.  She was also responsible for obtaining and maintaining the company’s fertilizer registrations.