Test Methods for Food Ingredients

Dr. Mitch Cheeseman and Dr. Anna Gergely
Chemical Watch
May 2013

Mitch Cheeseman, managing director of Regulatory & Industry Affairs in Steptoe’s Washington Office, and Anna Gergely, director of Environment, Health and Safety in Steptoe’s Brussels office and head of the firm’s Nanotechnology practice, authored an article in the May edition of Chemical Watch titled “Test Methods for Food Ingredients.”

The article discusses testing methods for nanomaterials in food, saying that although guidance on the risk assessment of nanoscience and nanotechnology applications to food and feed was published by the European Food Safety Authority in 2011, regulators in the US and EU have not yet described specific testing methods for nanomaterials.  “The approach of regulators in the US and EU to regulatory testing and decision making is based on the active review of regulatory submissions, which can create an atmosphere of uncertainty,” say the authors.