How to Save America's Infrastructure: Lessons From Puerto Rico

Luis Fortuno
ABC News
June 5, 2013

ABC News published an opinion editorial authored by Steptoe partner and former Puerto Rico Governor Luis Fortuno titled “How to Save America’s Infrastructure: Lesson From Puerto Rico.” The article, published June 5, discusses the infrastructure improvements Mr. Fortuno implemented in Puerto Rico through public-private partnerships (P3) projects and the need for more governments to follow suit to build and renovate critical infrastructure projects.

In a P3 project, the government contracts with a private company to renovate, construct, maintain, and/or manage an infrastructure resource. These partnerships inject private capital into a public project. The project’s users normally pay an assessment or toll, and the public and private parties share the risks and profits.

“In the case of the expressways, it provided improved roads, lighting and safety, as well as new police vehicles and road assistance,” Mr. Fortuno says in the article.

The full article can be read at ABC News.