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FERC Clarifies Rules Governing Affiliate Asset Transactions
Steven J. Ross, Jennifer L. Key, Shaun Boedicker
January 16, 2018

On January 10, 2018, FERC issued an order in Monongahela Power Company (Docket No. EC17-88) addressing a request by Monongahela to purchase a large coal-fired plant from its affiliate, Allegheny Energy Supply Company, LLC. The applicant argued the purchase resulted from a request for proposal (RFP) process consistent with FERC’s previous rulings addressing prior affiliate transactions that resulted from RFPs in which FERC adopted four standards.

FERC Extends Jurisdiction in AEE, Further Blurring Lines of State/Federal Jurisdiction
Jennifer L. Key, Richard L. Roberts
December 7, 2017

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) provided itself an early holiday present by extending its jurisdictional reach in Advanced Energy Economy (AEE), further blurring the lines with regard to just how far FERC’s jurisdiction extends vis-à-vis state authority over retail matters and customers.

2017 Report on Enforcement Underscores Growing FERC Surveillance and Importance of Robust Compliance Measures
Charles R. Mills, Daniel A. Mullen, Shaun Boedicker, Natty Brower, Karen Bruni
December 6, 2017
Judge Makes FERC Re-Think Tolling
Shaun Boedicker, Natty Brower, Karen Bruni, Charles R. Mills, Daniel A. Mullen
October 5, 2017
The Coal Ash Rule: Looming Battles Over Enforcement and Rollback
Anthony G. Hopp, Libretta Stennes, Christopher "Smitty" Smith
October 4, 2017
DOE NOPR – What Happens Now?
Richard L. Roberts, Marc L. Spitzer, Monique Watson
October 3, 2017
ABA Energy Antitrust Handbook, A Guide to the Electric and Gas Industries (contributing author)
Douglas G. Green
Nuclear Energy as Foundational to Low Carbon Future
Marc Spitzer and John Hanger
August 23, 2017
DC Circuit Clarifies Limits of Jurisdiction in PURPA Disputes
Natty Brower, Jennifer L. Key, David B. Raskin, Steven J. Ross
May 5, 2017
DOJ Settles Gun-Jumping Charges with Duke Energy Corporation in Connection with Pre-Merger Tolling Agreement
Douglas G. Green
January 25, 2017
Update: House Amends FPA to Moot DC Circuit
Shaun Boedicker, Daniel A. Mullen, Steven J. Ross
January 25, 2017
Seven Compliance Items Every Electric Utility Should Consider In 2017
Daniel A. Mullen, Charles R. Mills, Shaun Boedicker, Karen Bruni, Thomas C. Kirby
January 12, 2017
Corps Issues Final 2017 Nationwide Permits
David H. Coburn, Joshua Runyan, Cynthia L. Taub
January 6, 2017
FERC Declares Connecticut QF Pricing Approach Inconsistent with FERC’s PURPA Regulations
Jennifer L. Key, Richard L. Roberts
November 28, 2016
Court Deals Blow to Use of Spot Market Prices to Set PURPA Avoided Cost
Jennifer L. Key, Richard L. Roberts
September 27, 2016
Interconnection Agreements for Self-Built Generation
Jennifer L. Key
September 14, 2016
Court Accepts FERC’s Fraud Theory and Confirms Defendants’ Discovery Rights in City Power Marketing
Charles R. Mills, Daniel A. Mullen, Natty Brower
August 16, 2016
US Congress Allows Broader Use of Drones by Utilities
Carol R. Gosain
July 21, 2016
Getting Distributed Generation Right: A Response to "Does Disruptive Competition Mean a Death Spiral for Electric Utilities?"
David B. Raskin
November 2014, Energy Law Journal
Shale Revolution - Making US History
Marc L. Spitzer
January 17, 2014, Oil & Gas Monitor
To Shrink Energy Costs, Build Pipeline
Marc L. Spitzer
December 22, 2013, Providence Journal
The Regulatory Challenge of Distributed Generation
David B. Raskin
November 2013, Harvard Business Law Review Online
Transmission Policy in Flux
David B. Raskin
May 2013, Public Utilities Fortnightly
Analysis of FERC Order No. 1000
David B. Raskin, Richard L. Roberts, Steven J. Ross
August 3, 2011
M&A Uptick: Do regulatory and economic trends favor industry mergers?
Douglas G. Green
October 2010, Public Utilities Fortnightly
Grid Can't Keep Up with Energy Mandate
David B. Raskin
October 25, 2010, National Law Journal
Briefing: Update on the European Commission's Anti-Trust Inquiry into Business Insurance
Guy Soussan, Philip Woolfson
January 15, 2007
Energy Policy Act of 2005
A User-Friendly Guide to the Rules and Repercussions of the Electricity Title
The Electronic Power Group
August 10, 2005

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