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Ex-Homeland Security Official: FISA Checks on Known Terror Suspects are a Matter of Life and Death
Stewart A. Baker
November 14, 2017, Fox News
Sharing Private Information Through Third-Party Suppliers
Stewart A. Baker
May 26, 2017, Law360
Let China and Europe Fight It Out Over Data-Privacy Rights
Stewart A. Baker
April 5, 2017, The Wall Street Journal
Three Recent Cybersecurity and Information Systems Management Rules Impact Government Contractors
Michael W. Mutek
October 31, 2016
EU Releases Official Proposal to Update Dual-Use Export Control Regime, Including Broad Controls on Cybertechnology
Meredith Rathbone, Edward J. Krauland, Maury Shenk, Guy Soussan
October 25, 2016
Data Portability under EU GDPR: A Financial Services Perspective
Philip Woolfson
October 20, 2016, Privacy Laws & Business
The GDPR from an Insurance and Financial Mediation Perspective
Guy Soussan, Philip Woolfson
October 19, 2016
Systems Safeguards Testing Requirements Comparison
Richard Shilts, Stewart A. Baker, Micah S. Green, Michael V. Dunn, Chelsea Gold
September 13, 2016
Should Companies Risk Going on the Cyber Offensive?
Stewart A. Baker
July 29, 2016, Brink
European Commission Endorses EU-US Privacy Shield
Philip Woolfson, Maury Shenk, Yves Botteman
July 12, 2016
New “Insider Threat” Programs Required for Cleared Contractors
Michael W. Mutek, Paul R. Hurst
June 9, 2016
FAR Council Issues Rule on Basic Safeguarding of Covered Contractor Information Systems
Michael W. Mutek
May 26, 2016
Towards a Safer Cyberspace: The Cybersecurity Act 2015
Michael Vatis
April 8, 2016, Data Protection Law & Policy
Why Bitcoin is Better for Crime Fighters Than Criminals
Jason Weinstein
April 5, 2016, CoinDesk
EU and US Jointly Release “Privacy Shield”
Maury Shenk, Guy Soussan, Philip Woolfson, Daniella Terruso, Anthony Rapa, and Edward Krauland
March 3, 2016
Privacy in Europe: An Overview and Update on the EU-US Dialogue
Philip Woolfson, Maury Shenk
February 25, 2016
4 Trends That Will Shape Bitcoin Regulation in 2016
Alan Cohn, Jason M. Weinstein
January 14, 2016, CoinDesk
OFAC Issues Cyber-Related Sanctions Regulations
Anthony Rapa, Ed Krauland, Stewart Baker, Michael Vatis, and Alan Cohn
January 7, 2016
CFTC Adopts Proposed Cybersecurity Regulations
Stewart A. Baker, Michael V. Dunn, Micah S. Green, Grace Kim, Richard Shilts, Michael Vatis, Jason M. Weinstein
January 4, 2016
Privacy vs. Public Safety: Prosecuting and Defending Criminal Cases in the Post-Snowden Era
William L. Drake, Nicholas P. Silverman, Jason M. Weinstein
October 2015, Annual Survey of White Collar Crime
Federal Trade Commission v. Wyndham Worldwide Corp.
Michael Vatis
October 19, 2015, E-Commerce Law Reports
China Promulgates the Ninth Amendment to the PRC Criminal Law
Susan Munro and Lin Yang
September 10, 2015
The eIDAS Regulation: An Opportunity for Financial Services and Insurance?
Philip Woolfson
September 7, 2015
DDTC, BIS Propose New Rules on Defense Services, Cloud Computing and Harmonized Definitions
Peter Jeydel. Jack Hayes, Edward Krauland, Meredith Rathbone, Andy Irwin, Alexandra Baj, and Stephen Heifetz
July 6, 2015
How Can Law Enforcement Leverage the Blockchain in Investigations?
Jason M. Weinstein
May 12, 2015
After OPM Hack, Three Steps to Improve Government Cybersecurity
Alan Cohn
June 12, 2015, The Christian Science Monitor
Targeting Beneficiaries of Cyber Attacks
Stewart Baker and Kaitlin Cassel
June 12, 2015, CIO Review
Cybersecurity Export Controls - Proposed Changes In US Rules
Alexandra Baj, Stewart Baker, Jack Hayes, Andy Irwin, Ed Krauland, Meredith Rathbone, and Michael Vatis
June 10, 2015, The Government Contractor
Does Your CEO Know What's Keeping You Up at Night?
Michael Vatis, Jason M. Weinstein
June 1, 2015, Security Magazine
BIS Proposes Cybersecurity Export Control Rule: Significant Changes Possible
Ed Krauland, Meredith Rathbone, Alexandra Baj, Andy Irwin, Jack Hayes, Stewart Baker, and Michael Vatis
May 21, 2015
The European Commission’s Digital Single Market Strategy: What’s in It for Financial Services and Insurance?
Philip Woolfson, Jean Russotto, Guy Soussan, Stewart A. Baker, Jason M. Weinstein, Maury Shenk
May 15, 2015
DOJ Issues New Cyberattack Response Playbook
Stewart A. Baker, Michael Vatis, Jason M. Weinstein
May 4, 2015
New US Sanctions Target Cyber Attacks
Jack Hayes , Andrew D. Irwin, Jessica Piquet Megaw, Edward J. Krauland, Anthony Rapa, Meredith Rathbone, Stewart Baker, and Michael Vatis
April 6, 2015
Sony Cyberattacks by North Korea Only the First of Many Hacks to Come
Stewart A. Baker
December 19, 2014, New York Daily News
National Security Expert: Why North Korea Should Be Held Responsible for Sony Hack
Stewart A. Baker
December 11, 2014, The Hollywood Reporter
A Week of Bad News and Good News in Cybersecurity – Here’s What You Need to Know
Stewart A. Baker, Michael Vatis, Jason M. Weinstein
December 8, 2014
China Compliance Manual
Susan Munro, Ying Huang, and Hannah Cao
November 2014, AmCham China
NHTSA Seeks Comments on Cyber and Other Electronics Risks
David H. Coburn, Christopher Falcone
October 9, 2014
Clapper v. Amnesty International and Data Privacy Litigation: Is a Change to the Law "Certainly Impending"?
John L. Jacobus
Fall 2014, Richmond Journal of Law & Technology (Volume XXI, Issue 1)
Data Access Shouldn’t Be Up to Companies Alone
Stewart A. Baker
October 1, 2014, The New York Times
Federal Trade Commission v. Wyndham Worldwide Corp.
Michael Vatis
July 22, 2014, E-Commerce Law Reports
Why Companies Should Care About the Supreme Court's Cell Phone Privacy Decision
Michael Vatis
July 7, 2014, Bloomberg BNA Privacy & Security Law Report
"Groundhog Day" for Data Breaches
Jason M. Weinstein, Stewart A. Baker, Markham Cho Erickson, Michael Vatis
June 2, 2014
Legal Ease: Plain Talk on Legal Topics - The Privacy Police
Scott A. Sinder, Michael Vatis, Jason M. Weinstein
May 2014, Leader's Edge
Public Safety, Privacy and Particularity: A New Approach to Search Warrants for Digital Evidence
Jason Weinstein and Will Drake
May 1, 2014, Bloomberg BNA Electronic Commerce & Law Report
What Businesses Really Need To Know About Bitcoin
Jason Weinstein
March 5, 2014, Law360
TARGETed for a Breach – and Now TARGETed for Litigation
Stewart A. Baker, Markham Cho Erickson, Michael Vatis, Jason M. Weinstein
December 30, 2013
A Battle That Snowden Is Not Winning
The New York Times
Stewart A. Baker
December 19, 2013
The Best Cyberdefense is a Good Offense
Stewart A. Baker
October 4, 2013, Law360
9 Key Steps in a Proactive Cybersecurity Review
Jason Weinstein
September 12, 2013, Corporate Counsel
Lessons From Recent Trends In Privacy Class Actions
Jason Weinstein
August 12, 2013, Law360
White House Issues Executive Order on Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity
Stewart A. Baker, Marc Frey, Michael Vatis
February 15, 2013
Public Safety and Online Privacy—Myth Versus Reality
Volume 11, Issue 2
Jason M. Weinstein
January 2013, Northwestern Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property
Informationology: A New Framework for Understanding the Roles of Digital Information
Maury Shenk
August 13, 2009
Cyber Security Alert - Major Cyber Security Threat Affecting US Companies
Stewart Baker and William Nakhleh
July 28, 2009
Federal Court: Ban on NSL Notification is Unconstitutional
November 2007, Data Protection Law & Policy
Michael Vatis
Retention and Storage of Temporary User Data
Michael Vatis
July 2007, eCommerce Law & Policy
National Security Letters: Access to Customer Records
Michael A. Vatis
April 2007, eCommerce Law & Policy
The Globalization of Electronic Evidence Gathering: US Joins Council of Europe Convention on Cybercrime
B.N.A., Privacy & Security Law Report, Vol. 5, No. 41, pp. 1450-1454
October 16, 2006
Freedom of Information
Protecting Commercial Information in the Information Age
November 14, 2005, Complinet Insurance
A Patch in Time Saves Nine
Liability Risks in Unpatched Software
Stewart Baker
April 2004
Anonymization, Data-Matching and Privacy: A Case Study
Stewart Baker
December 2003
Cyber-Security: A Transatlantic Perspective
US Embassy/RAND Conference, the Hague
April 9, 2001
Remarks on EU Information Security Communication
European Commission Hearing, Brussels
March 7, 2001
EU Privacy Safe Harbor Bank Adm Inst Conference, Las Vegas
February 20, 2001

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