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The Longer Arm of the Law in New York
Matthew J. Gaul, Douglas Kantor, and Philip S. Khinda
October 28, 2011, Securities Docket
The Potential Employment Tax Increase for Shareholders of S Corporations
Association of Convenience and Petroleum Retailing (NACS) and National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA)
Aaron P. Nocjar
June 2010
Due Diligence in M&A Transactions: A Conceptual Framework
Jeffrey M. Weiner
June 17, 2010, Business Due Diligence Strategies, 2010 ed.
The Rise and Rise of the NYAG
Douglas Kantor, Philip S. Khinda
May 2010, Securities Docket
The Nuances of Securities Reform
Philip S. Khinda, Jeffrey E. McFadden, Michael C. Miller
March 30, 2009, New York Law Journal
Corporate Governance - Sibir Energy plc
Michael Thompson
February 2009
Are You at Risk of Waiving the Attorney-Client Privilege by Using Your Employer’s Computer Systems to Communicate With a Personal Attorney?
Matthew J. Herrington
May 1, 2008, Digital Discovery & e-Evidence, Vol. 08, No. 05
Let's Talk Dirty: How Government Regulators Have Helped and Hindered Redevelopments of Contaminated Property
Sara Beth Watson
December 14, 2004
Issues for Management on Secondary Buy-Outs
Mergers & Acquisitions
Michael Thompson
August 1, 2003
Venture Capital Investments in 2003
Michael Thompson
August 1, 2003
Venture Capital World
Michael Thompson
December 19, 2002
Assistance to be Provided to Business Angel Investors Following the Implementation of the Financial Services & Market Act 2000
Michael Thompson
August 30, 2001

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