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Congress: Catching Up With States on Driverless Cars
Anthony J. LaRocca
August 8, 2017, Industry Today
FAA to Release New Drone-Specific Regulations
Carol R. Gosain, Dane Jaques, Rebecca A. Lipe
April 11, 2017
Corps Issues Final 2017 Nationwide Permits
David H. Coburn, Joshua Runyan, Cynthia L. Taub
January 6, 2017
"Recent Regulatory and Legislative Developments Involving Transportation of Crude Oil and Hazardous Commodities by Rail," The Federal Lawyer
Nina S. Thanawala
Summer 2015
Co-Author, "Board Addresses Transportation of Hazardous Materials by Rail"
Chapter 17, American Bar Association, Section of Public Utility Communications and Transportation Law
Linda Stein and Kathryn Gainey
2013, Energy, Utility, Transportation and Environment Law for the 21st Century: A Collection
Recent Changes in the Scope of the Market Dominance Standard in Rail Rate Regulation
Anthony LaRocca
Winter 2003, The Transportation Antitrust Update

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