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Pay-to-Play Rules and the Presidential Campaign
Jason Abel, Scott A. Sinder
July 15, 2016
How Companies Can Avoid Campaign Finance and Pay-to-Play Pitfalls
Jason Abel
February 16, 2016, Corporate Counsel
Pay-to-Play Rule Sticks Around for 2016
Jason Abel
September 14, 2015, Daily Journal
Political Intelligence Regulation: Insights into Senator Grassley's Call for Legislation
Jason Abel, Scott Sinder
April 14, 2015
Pay-to-Play, Chris Christie and the 2016 Election
Jason Abel
January 7, 2015, Corporate Counsel
SEC Campaign Finance Rule Under Fire
Jason Abel
September 23, 2014, Los Angeles Daily Journal
A New Era for Pay-to-Play
Jason Abel
June 24, 2014,
The Next Rule: Pay-to-Play, Municipal Advisors, and McCutcheon
Jason Abel, Scott A. Sinder
May 14, 2014
Elections, Political Law And The Financial Services Sector
Jason Abel
April 1, 2014, Law360
"State and Local Level Campaign Finance Laws," Political Activity, Lobbying Laws and Gift Rules Guide, 3rd Edition
Jason Abel
October 2013

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