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The Asset Tracing and Recovery Review, United States Chapter, Fifth Edition
Steven K. Davidson, Michael J. Baratz, Jared R. Butcher, Molly Bruder Fox
The Coal Ash Rule: Looming Battles Over Enforcement and Rollback
Anthony G. Hopp, Libretta Stennes, Christopher "Smitty" Smith
October 4, 2017
District of Arizona General Order Establishes New Mandatory Discovery Obligations
Floyd P. Bienstock, Erin E. Bradham, Alexander R. Mennie
August 2, 2017
Should The Postman Ringeth? Service of Process Abroad by Mail Under the Hague Service Convention
Steven K. Davidson, Michael J. Baratz, Brian Egan, Richard O. Cunningham
June 6, 2017
Painters Deserve Their Deduction
Michael Rips
April 29, 2017, The New York Times
How to Have Your Day in Court: A Summary of Rulings From the Federal Courts in New York
Cecelia L. Fanelli
March 28, 2017
Case Management Lessons Learned from the Lone Pine Controversy in the Zimmer MDL
Anthony G. Hopp
February 3, 2017, Toxic and Hazardous Substance Litigation Committee Newsletter
Differential Diagnosis and Daubert: Preventing the Misuse of Differential Etiology to Prove Causation in Toxic Tort Cases
Anthony G. Hopp, Jeremy S. Goldkind
February 1, 2017, Defense Counsel Journal
Fifth Circuit Rules on Extraterritoriality of ATS Claims, Creating Circuit Split
John O'Connor, Michael J. Navarre, Linda C. Bailey
January 6, 2017
The Asset Tracing and Recovery Review, United States Chapter, Fourth Edition
Steven K. Davidson, Michael J. Baratz, Jeffrey M. Theodore, Jared R. Butcher
How Supreme Court Precedent May Affect the CFPB’s Pre-Dispute Arbitration Proposal
Michael J. Baratz
September 7, 2016, Bloomberg BNA
Calif.'s Hard Line On Disgorgement For Conflict Of Interest
Matt Herrington and Eric Lipton
March 31, 2016, Law360
Problems In Copyright Ruling On 9/11 Photo
Michael Rips
March 9, 2016, Law360
Mastering Dispute Resolution Clauses
Three Tips for Better Enforcement of Arbitral Awards
Steven K. Davidson, Michael J. Baratz, Jared R. Butcher, Molly Bruder Fox
February 9, 2016
Update: A New Treaty For Enforcing Judgments – But Will It Have A Real Impact?
The Hague Convention of 30 June 2005 on Choice of Court Agreements
Steven K. Davidson, Michael J. Baratz, Jared R. Butcher, Molly Bruder Fox
December 7, 2015
Post Chiasson/Newman – The Future of Insider Trading Laws, Regulations and Litigation
Michael Campion Miller, Michelle L. Levin, Philip S. Khinda, Christopher R. Conte, Micah S. Green, Matthew J. Herrington
October 13, 2015
The Asset Tracing and Recovery Review, United States Chapter, Third Edition
Steven K. Davidson, Michael J. Baratz, Jeffrey M. Theodore, Jared R. Butcher
Non-party Discovery: Reducing the Risk of Cost-shifting
Evan Glassman, Jeffrey A. Novack
Spring 2015, Practical Law – The Journal
Attorneys in Hot Water: When Prosecutors Turn Up the Heat
Michael Campion Miller
January 9, 2015, New York Law Journal
The Attorney-Client Privilege in Civil Litigation: Protecting and Defending Confidentiality, Protecting the Attorney-Client Privilege during an Internal Investigation Chapter, Sixth Edition
Michael Dockterman
The Asset Tracing and Recovery Review, United States Chapter, Second Edition
Steven K. Davidson, Michael J. Baratz, Jeffrey M. Theodore, Jared R. Butcher
Clapper v. Amnesty International and Data Privacy Litigation: Is a Change to the Law "Certainly Impending"?
John L. Jacobus
Fall 2014, Richmond Journal of Law & Technology (Volume XXI, Issue 1)
Complex Mediation: Key Issues and Considerations
Leah M. Quadrino
August 2014, Practical Law The Journal: Litigation
Noble Corp. Settlement Leaves FCPA Questions Unanswered
Tom Best, Lucinda Low and Andrew Bardi
July 14, 2014, Law360
Seller Beware: US Supreme Court Expands Lanham Act Liability with Two Decisions this Term
Edward B. Schwartz
June 19, 2014
Don't Let Barko Bite Atty-Client, Work-Product Privileges
Andrew Irwin, Sarah Lamoree, Patrick Linehan, Peter Wellington
June 9, 2014, Law360
A New Era In Cartel Enforcement Against Foreign Nationals
Patrick Linehan, Rachel Peck
June 4, 2014, Law360
Redistricting Panelists Played No Partisan Games
Paul Charlton
May 13, 2014, Arizona Republic
Third-Party Discovery in the Electronic Era
Evan Glassman and Jeff Novack
April 28, 2014, New York Law Journal
Shale Gas Production in the US – Great Promise and Great Challenges
Marc L. Spitzer
March 14, 2014, Bloomberg BNA Water Law & Policy Monitor
US Government Announces Changes to Nutrition Labels
Dr. Mitchell Cheeseman, Jennifer Quinn-Barabanov
March 5, 2014
Circuit Court Decisions Leave Uncertainty Whether US Discovery Can Be Obtained in Aid of Foreign Arbitrations
Michael Campion Miller, Evan Glassman, Jeffrey A. Novack
January 30, 2014
Testing the Death Penalty
Paul Charlton, Quintin Cushner
January 9, 2014, Law Journal for Social Justice
4th Circ. Fuels Voluntary Payment Clause Enforcement Trend
John O'Connor, Jeremy Glen
January 8, 2014, Law360
Steve Davidson, Michael Baratz, Jeff Theodore, and Jared Butcher Author Chapter in The Asset Tracing and Recovery Review
Steven K. Davidson, Michael J. Baratz, Jeffrey M. Theodore, Jared R. Butcher
A Road Map for Document Preservation: Keeping the Nightmares at Bay
Michael C. Miller, Jeffrey M. Theodore
October 25, 2013, Litigation Journal
E. Thomas Veal on the Continuing Amara Saga: A Key Case on ERISA Remedies Resumes Its Journey Through the Courts
Edward Thomas Veal
June 1, 2013, Lexis Federal Tax Journal Quarterly
Mark Neubauer Authors Article for ABA’s Journal Litigation on Law Firm and Courtroom Culture
April 12, 2013
Brigida Benitez, Sean Griffin, and Biz Scott Author Article on FCPA Enforcement for Minority Corporate Counsel Association
Brigida Benitez, Bizunesh "Biz" Scott
March 25, 2013
LIBOR Manipulation: Two Critical Points of Interest
Michael Campion Miller and Lara E. Romansic
March 14, 2013, New York Law Journal
Public Safety and Online Privacy—Myth Versus Reality
Volume 11, Issue 2
Jason M. Weinstein
January 2013, Northwestern Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property
California Social Media Law Hypothetical
Ed Gregory and Colleen O’Brien
November 13, 2012, Daily Journal
Fair Use, Art, Swiss Cheese and Me
Michael Rips
June 16, 2012, The New York Times
28 U.S.C. § 1782 and the Evolution of International Judicial Assistance in United States Courts
Michael C. Miller, Alejandro G. Rosenberg, and Michael Stoll
May 1, 2012, The Federal Lawyer
Bail Pending Appeal in the Second Circuit
Evan T. Barr and Michelle L. Levin
April 16, 2012, New York Law Journal
Foreign In-House Counsel Communications
Michael C. Miller
March 8, 2012, New York Law Journal
Closer Scrutiny on the Way from CPSC?
Thomas Barba
February 3, 2012, ExpertRecall
Reflections from a Loaned Associate
Saad Gul
January 31, 2012, The Legal Aid Society
The Longer Arm of the Law in New York
Matthew J. Gaul, Douglas Kantor, and Philip S. Khinda
October 28, 2011, Securities Docket
The Limits of Federal Rule of Evidence 408
Jim Moorhead, Andrew Sloniewsky
May 18, 2011, Law360
Hospitality Law Advisory - Allegations of Corrupt Practices Bring Hotel Company Under FCPA Scrutiny
Christopher R. Conte, Matthew J. Herrington, Lucinda A. Low
March 4, 2011
Nanotech—Small Particles, Big Potential for Compliance and Litigation Risk
Government regulators are requesting health and safety information from manufacturers of nanomaterials under various environmental laws.
Jennifer Quinn-Barabanov
February 11, 2011, Industry Week
Legal Ease: Plain Talk on Legal Topics - Here to Stay
Scott Sinder
January 2011, Leader's Edge
How to Minimize Litigation Risks of Nanotechnology
Jennifer Quinn-Barabanov
July 22, 2010, Bloomberg Law Reports
Permission to speak?
Jonathan Raynes
April 2009, Solicitors Journal, Expert Witness Supplement
Farewell to Fear
Mark A. Neubauer
January 2, 2009, Los Angeles Daily Journal. Posted with the permission of Daily Journal Corp. (2009)
Mastering the Blind Cross-Examination
Mark A. Neubauer
January 2009, The Journal of the Section of Litigation - American Bar Association
Why We Should Graduate from the Electoral College
Mark A. Neubauer
October 31, 2008, Los Angeles Daily Journal. Posted with the permission of Daily Journal Corp. (2009)
Why are Russian Cases Litigated and/or Arbitrated in England and Wales?
October 2008
Steptoe & Johnson LLP Civil False Claims Act & Qui Tam Litigation Experience

Steptoe & Johnson LLP Representative Bid Protest Experience

Steptoe & Johnson LLP Representative Claims Experience

Compliance Update: New FAR Requirements on Business Ethics and Internal Controls
Thomas P. Barletta
March 17, 2008
International Law Advisory - Fifth Circuit Clarifies the Intent Requirements for a Criminal FCPA Conviction
Tom Best, Erik L. Kitchen, Edward J. Krauland, Lucinda A. Low
November 9, 2007
Relationships with Co-Counsel: The Joint Defense Privilege
Products, General Liability, and Consumer Law
Spring 2007, ABA Tort Trial Insurance Committee News
Six-Month Deadline Set for Customs and Border Protection to Implement Final Antidumping or Countervailing Duty Decisions
Rikard Lundberg
January 1, 2006, International Law News
Australian Antitrust Law
Recent Changes in Merger Control
December 23, 2005, Global Competition Review
After Empagran: Could London Become a One-Stop for Antitrust Litigation?
Julian Joshua
August 2005, Competition Law Insight
Some Assembly Required: The Application of State Open Meeting Laws to Email Correspondence
Michael J. Baratz, John O'Connor
2004, 12 George Mason Law Review 719
The Price Reduction Clause
An Overview of the Basics
Thomas P. Barletta
July 2003, Off-The-Shelf
Losing Your Patent Rights in Washington Part II
Protecting Your Intellectual Property Rights in Washington
Stewart Baker
June 13, 2003
Subcontracting Opportunities for Indian Companies in Iraq Reconstruction
May 9, 2003
Coalition for Government Procurement, Contracting in a Time of Scrutiny
Winter Seminar on Suspension and Debarment: How Federal and Non-Federal Contract Actions Can Impact Your Government Business
Thomas P. Barletta
January 30, 2003
How to Lose Your Intellectual Property in Washington
Protecting Your Intellectual Property Rights in Washington
Thomas P. Barletta
October 22, 2002
Recent Developments in US Merger Control
Brian J. Telpner
September 20, 2002
WIPO Internet Copyright Treaties Coming Into Force
Christopher Gibson
August 2002
State of Play for E-Commerce Directive; Convergence
July 2002, Issue 15
Christopher Gibson
Intellectual Property Rights & Government Contracting Since Sept. 11
Protecting Your Intellectual Property Rights in Washington
Thomas P. Barletta
June 14, 2002
Divesture and Disgorgement
Recent Developments in Merger Remedies
Brian J. Telpner
June 10, 2002
Antitrust & Competition Update
Antitrust and Competition Group
May 10, 2002
Tools of the Trade for Today's Litigator
July 2001, The Practical Litigator
Innovation and Potential Competition in Rapidly-Changing High-Tech Industries
Brian J. Telpner
May 4, 2001
Making Sense of Sherman Act Section 2 in the High-Tech Economy
Brian J. Telpner
September 9, 2000
When Does Cooperation Become Collusion?
May 2000
Amnesty, Cooperation, and Confidentiality
Practical Thoughts on International Anticartel Enforcement
February 17, 2000
The Blurring of Lines Between Cooperation and Collusion
February 17, 2000
Hotline Test
May 11, 1999
Summary Judgment: Put Up or Shut Up
Spring 1999, Litigation (ABA)

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