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Buyer Power in Recent Merger Reviews
Jonathan B. Sallet
Fall 2017, Antitrust Magazine
Waiting for Coty: French Supreme Court Takes a Cursory Look at Platform Bans
Jean-Nicolas Maillard, Camille Keres
November 8, 2017
Finally Solved: Non Full-Function Joint Ventures Are not Subject to EU Merger Control
Jean-Nicolas Maillard, Chiara Conte
October 12, 2017
Turning the Corner: The Internet of (Moving) Things
Yves Botteman, Anthony J. LaRocca, Jonathan B. Sallet
September 18, 2017, Competition Policy International
‘A Whole New World:’ CoJ Says that All Rebates Should Be Assessed in Light of Their Economic Effects
Yves Botteman, Camille Keres
September 12, 2017
ABA Energy Antitrust Handbook, A Guide to the Electric and Gas Industries (contributing author)
Douglas G. Green
Congress: Catching Up With States on Driverless Cars
Anthony J. LaRocca
August 8, 2017, Industry Today
Selective Distribution System and Online Sales: AG Wahl Delivers Opinion in Coty Case
Yves Botteman, Chiara Conte
July 28, 2017
Online Distribution Practices Under EU Fire: Are You Ready?
Yves Botteman, Jean-Nicolas Maillard, Camille Keres, Chiara Conte
June 19, 2017
Confidential or Not Confidential: To What Extent Can the European Commission Publish Leniency Information in Its Decisions?
Jean-Nicolas Maillard, Chiara Conte
June 9, 2017
Antitrust Under Trump: An Analysis of Makan Delrahim, DOJ Antitrust Pick
Edward B. Schwartz, Tracy Huang
May 23, 2017
More on AG Wahl’s Opinion in Intel: The CoJ Gets – Yet Another – Chance to Clarify the Extraterritorial Reach of EU Competition Law
Yves Botteman, Camille Keres
April 13, 2017
Recent Developments Show More Aggressive US Cartel Enforcement
Kenneth P. Ewing, Patrick F. Linehan, Nina S. Thanawala
April 5, 2017
Santander Ruling vs. Apple Decision: Pure Coincidence or Fate?
Chiara Conte, Yves Botteman, Jean-Nicolas Maillard
April 5, 2017
AG Wahl’s Opinion in Intel: Towards Clear Rules on Rebates under Article 102 TFEU?
Jean-Nicolas Maillard, Yves Botteman, Camille Keres
February 14, 2017
To Settle or not to Settle: The EU Highest Court Confirms the Commission’s Approach in First Hybrid Cartel
Daniel Barrio, Yves Botteman
January 30, 2017
DOJ Settles Gun-Jumping Charges with Duke Energy Corporation in Connection with Pre-Merger Tolling Agreement
Douglas G. Green
January 25, 2017
"National Competition Authorities' Investigations in Hub-and-Spoke Arrangements: A Critical Review"
Yves Botteman
January 23, 2017, The Notion of Restriction of Competition, Global Competition Law Center
“No Poaching” Clauses in Teaming Agreements May Face Scrutiny Under New DoJ/FTC Antitrust Guidance
Michael W. Mutek, Thomas P. Barletta, Kenneth P. Ewing, Elizabeth A. Schallop Call
November 28, 2016
Clinton Antitrust Announcement: More Than Just Politics
Edward B. Schwartz
October 7, 2016
Safeguarding Your Supply Chain Post-Brexit
Paul Hughes
September 2016
Third Time’s a Charm: Parker-Hannifin and the Principles of Economic Continuity and Personal Liability
August 9, 2016
“We’re Not Together”: Companies are Not Presumed to be Liable for Service Providers’ Conduct
Yves Botteman
July 28, 2016
iiyama: One Step Too Far for the English High Court
July 6, 2016
Defense Industry Consolidation Concerns Noted in DoJ – FTC Joint Statement
Michael W. Mutek, Thomas P. Barletta, Kenneth P. Ewing
April 19, 2016
Insurance Block Exemption Regulation Under Threat
Yves Botteman, Camille Keres
April 1, 2016, Insurance Day
The CoJ’s Judgments in the Cement Case: Towards Increased Rights of Defense for Investigated Businesses?
Yves Botteman, Camille Keres
March 23, 2016
Resolving the Leniency Equation: The Need for a Harmonized Leniency Regime in Europe Illustrated in the DHL Case
Camille Keres, Jean-Nicolas Maillard
March 16, 2016
French Antitrust Enforcement Trends You Should Know About
Jean-Nicolas Maillard and Camille Keres
February 23, 2016, Law360
Ultra Petita – When the General Court Oversteps the Mark
February 15, 2016
Cartel Liability in the Online Space Requires More Than a Sent E-mail
Yves Botteman
February 3, 2016
Towards a New Probatio Diabolica? EU Opinion Presses the Case for Extending Company Liability to Cartels Set up by Service Providers
Yves Botteman, Camille Keres
December 18, 2015
AC-Treuhand v Commission: Article 101 TFEU for Everyone!
Yves Botteman
November 3, 2015
The European Court of Justice’s Judgment in Post Danmark II: Back to Square One?
Yves Botteman, Jean-Nicolas Maillard, Camille Keres
October 27, 2015
LG Electronics vs. The European Commission: Nightmare Scenario for Joint Ventures?
Yves Botteman
September 22, 2015
Practical Views on the Recent Procedural Changes Introduced into French Antitrust Law
Jean-Nicolas Maillard, Camille Keres
September 22, 2015
Fine (or not so Fine) Calculations: Highest EU Court Says European Commission May Take into Account Sales of Finished Products Incorporating Cartelized Components
Yves Botteman
August 5, 2015
The Fine Line Between “Fortuitous Discovery” and “Fishing Expedition:" CoJ Finds Dawn Raids by the EC to be Illegal
Jean-Nicolas Maillard
July 6, 2015
Supreme Court Passes on Chance to Clarify US Antitrust Laws’ Reach Under FTAIA
Edward B. Schwartz, Rachel B. Peck
June 18, 2015
What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas: the EU General Court’s Ruling in Timab v. Commission
Yves Botteman
June 12, 2015
The CoJ’s Ruling in the CDC Case: Where to Seek Damages for Victims of Cross-Border Cartels?
Camille Keres
June 5, 2015
What Sales to Take into Account when Calculating EU Cartel Fines?
Yves Botteman
May 29, 2015
The Economic Continuity Principle
Yves Botteman, Camille Keres
May 2015, Lexis Nexis
The European Commission’s Digital Single Market Strategy: What’s in It for Audiovisual Media Service Providers?
Yves Botteman
May 13, 2015
EU Commission Launches E-Commerce Inquiry
Yves Botteman, Jean-Nicolas Maillard
May 7, 2015
The French Competition Authority Cleans Up the Consumer Products Cartels: A New Dawn for Antitrust Enforcement in Europe?
Jean-Nicolas Maillard, Camille Keres
Spring 2015, ABA's Cartel & Joint Conduct Review
EU High Court Pushes Boundaries Of What Amounts To A Cartel
Yves Botteman
April 3, 2015, Law360
E-Commerce to Be Probed by EU Commission
Edward B. Schwartz, Yves Botteman, Jean-Nicolas Maillard
March 27, 2015
Highest EU Court Supports an Expanded View on What Amounts to a Cartel
Yves Botteman
March 27, 2015
Confidentiality of In-House Counsel’s Communications in the European Union: A Lack of Harmonized Approach Leading to Differing Outcomes
Yves Botteman, Camille Keres
March 23, 2015
Rights of Defence in EU Antitrust Proceedings
Jean-Nicolas Maillard
March 2015, Lexis Nexis
European Commission vs. Versalis and Eni: Spreading the Love Through Economic Continuity
Yves Botteman
March 11, 2015
Oops, I Did It Again – or Maybe Not: May a Parent Company Be Held Recidivist on Account of a Subsidiary’s Past Antitrust Offense?
Jean-Nicolas Maillard
February 12, 2015
The EU Court of Justice’s Ruling in European Commission v. Parker ITS Srl and Parker-Hannifin Corp: Towards an Extensive Concept of Economic Continuity?
Yves Botteman, Camille Keres
February 10, 2015
FTC Revises Thresholds for HSR Filings and Interlocking Directorates
Natty Brower
February 2, 2015
Si.mobil and EasyJet: Two More Reasons for the European Commission to Reject an Article 102 TFEU Complaint
Yves Botteman
January 23, 2015
Most-Favored Nation Clauses
Yves Botteman, Camille Keres
January 2015, Lexis Nexis
New EU-Swiss Cooperation Agreement in the Competition Area
January 8, 2015, Handelsblatt / Rechtsboard
Putting Its House in Order: The EC Opens Consultations on Legislative Changes to Give Effect to the Damages Directive
Yves Botteman
December 19, 2014
Single Continuous Infringement
Jean-Nicolas Maillard, Camille Keres
December 2014, Lexis Nexis
EU General Court Upholds and Clarifies European Commission’s Broad Dawn Raid Powers
Yves Botteman
December 5, 2014
China Compliance Manual
Susan Munro, Ying Huang, and Hannah Cao
November 2014, AmCham China
The Treatment of Intra-Group Sales in the Calculation of EU Cartel Fines: Vertically and Non-Vertically Integrated Companies Put on an Equal Footing
Yves Botteman
November 24, 2014
Full Speed Ahead with the EU’s Directive on Antitrust Damages Actions
Yves Botteman, Jean-Nicolas Maillard
November 12, 2014
EU State Aid Tax Investigations: A New Enforcement Landscape?
Yves Botteman, Jean-Nicolas Maillard, Philip R. West
October 30, 2014
The GC’s Ruling in Schenker: A Small Opening for Third Party Access to Cartel Decisions
Camille Keres
October 29, 2014
Margrethe Vestager Appointed As Next EU Competition Commissioner
Jean-Nicolas Maillard, Yves Botteman
October 22, 2014
Multilateral Interchange Fees in the EU: Takeaways from a Hard-Fought Battle
Yves Botteman
October 21, 2014
The European Union Turns the Heat on Generous Tax Breaks to Multinationals
Yves Botteman, Jean-Nicolas Maillard
October 2, 2014
European Commission’s Investigative Powers and the Rights of Defence
Yves Botteman
September 2014, Lexis® PSL Competition
The Court of Justice Clarifies How the European Commission Should Apply the 10% Cap to Fines and the Deterrence Multiplier
Yves Botteman
September 26, 2014
The Boundaries of “Restriction by Object” Under EU Competition Law: At Last, the EU Court of Justice Puts the House in Order
Yves Botteman
September 18, 2014
Insurance Industry Must Make Compelling Case for Retaining Block Exemption
Yves Botteman, Guy Soussan
September 16, 2014, Insurance Day
Further Consultations on Possible EU Merger Control Reform
Jean-Nicolas Maillard
September 12, 2014
'Oh, You Did Not Say That!' Liability for False or Misleading Statements under the Sherman and Lanham Acts
Edward B. Schwartz
July 2014, CPI Antitrust Chronicle
Highest EU Court Rules on the European Commission’s Dawn Raid Powers: A Door Closes, a Window Opens for Inspected Companies?
Yves Botteman
July 4, 2014
Seller Beware: US Supreme Court Expands Lanham Act Liability with Two Decisions this Term
Edward B. Schwartz
June 19, 2014
The Construct of Parental Company Liability
Yves Botteman
June 2014, Lexis ® PSL Competition
EU Endorses Umbrella Pricing Theories in Cartel Damage Claims
Yves Botteman, Paul Hughes, Kenneth P. Ewing
June 11, 2014
Criminal enforcement of cartel matters in the United Kingdom
Patrick Rappo, Paul Hughes, Kenneth Ewing, Helen Aldridge
June 2, 2014
Private Enforcement of UK Competition Laws in the Property Sector: Civil Courts’ Activism Palliates the Lack of Public Enforcement
Yves Botteman, Paul Hughes
June 2, 2014
European Commission Dawn Raids: More Clarity on the Geographical Scope of Inspection Decisions
Yves Botteman
May 5, 2014
The Antitrust Division’s First Successful Extradition Against Non-US Citizens for Antitrust Offenses: the Dawn of a New Era in International Cartel Enforcement Against Foreign Nationals?
Patrick F. Linehan, Rachel B. Peck
May 1, 2014
The New EU Rules on Technology Licensing Are Out: A Pro-licensee Bias with Potential Chilling Effect on Innovation
Yves Botteman, Paul Hughes
March 28, 2014
Access to DG Competition’s Files Through the Transparency Regulation: An Uphill Battle for Cartel Damage Claimants
Yves Botteman
March 27, 2014
Some Fine Lines: The Inclusion of Intra-Company Sales in the Calculation of Cartel Fines in the EU
Yves Botteman
March 12, 2014
Builders Flooring Connection, LLC v. Brown Chambless Architects, LLC (Page 17)
Natty Brower
Winter 2014, E&I Update
The GC’s Ruling in AC-Treuhand: How Providing Services to a Cartel Will Get You in Trouble
Yves Botteman
February 14, 2014
SKW, Degussa and Arques: Beware of the Subsidiary Under Influence!
Yves Botteman
February 10, 2014
The Boundaries of “Restrictions by Object” under EU Competition Law: A Badly Needed Debate
Yves Botteman
February 3, 2014
The ECN’s Recommendations on Commitment Proceedings: A Missed Opportunity
Yves Botteman
January 24, 2014
Offer Remedies or Risk a Penalty? A Recurrent Dilemma Companies Face in Antitrust Investigations
Yves Botteman
January 21, 2014
Competition Law Enforcement and Corporate Group Liability – Adjusting the Veil
Paul Hughes
January 2014, European Competition Law Review
Revised Simplified Merger Notice: The EC Seeks to Focus Resources on More Challenging Cases
Yves Botteman
December 20, 2013
Know When to Hold ‘Em, Know When to Fold ‘Em: Is There a Good Time to Sell a Subsidiary Involved in a Cartel Investigation?
Yves Botteman
December 9, 2013
Benefiting from Leniency Applications Made by Subsidiaries: The EU Competition Law Version of Your Typical Dysfunctional Family
Yves Botteman
November 22, 2013
Resale Price Maintenance and Most-Favored Nation Clauses: The Future Does Not Look Bright
Yves Botteman
November 2013, CPI Antitrust Chronicle
The English Unblocking of the French “Blocking Statute": Companies are Ordered to Disclose Information that Claimants Requested in Follow-On Civil Cases
November 8, 2013
Not Really a Single View on Single and Continuous Infringements
Yves Botteman
October 28, 2013
A Need to Know Basis: The European Commission’s Approach to Sharing Information Concerning Article 101 TFEU Infringements
Yves Botteman
October 4, 2013
The General Court’s Ruling in Deutsche Bahn: A Review of the European Commission’s Dawn Raid Practices and Ways to Challenge Them
Yves Botteman
Yves Botteman
September 24, 2013
Net Neutrality or Not Neutrality?: The Proposed Regulation on a European Single Market for Electronic Communications
Yves Botteman
September 13, 2013
California Supreme Court Allows Policyholders to Sue Insurers Under California’s Unfair Competition Law
Erin E. Bradham
August 9, 2013
Case C-681/11 Schenker and Co AG and Others: Nobody’s Opinion Matters
July 22, 2013
A Step Toward More Private Competition Enforcement in EU
Laura Atlee and Agapi Patsa
June 21, 2013, Law360
Time to Share: EC Publishes Consultation Paper on Potential Merger Reform
June 20, 2013
A Step Closer to Effective Actions for Damages for Breach of EU Competition Rules
Yves Botteman
June 12, 2013
An Antitrust Cooperation Agreement Of Unprecedented Depth
Yves Botteman and Agapi Patsa
June 6, 2013, Law360
A Bananas Judgment: Denying a Parent Company Access to a Related Company’s Reply to the Statement of Objections
May 2013, CPI Antitrust Chronicle
Yet Another EC Energy Case Resolved Through Commitments
Yves Botteman and Agapi Patsa
April 26, 2013, Law360
EU Court's Take On Remuneration Of Insurance Brokers
Yves Botteman and Elena García Aguado
April 1, 2013, Law360
Toughened Oversight Raises Antitrust Hazards of Oil Industry Collaboration
Ed Schwartz
April 1, 2013, Oil & Gas Journal
Injunctive Relief as an Antitrust Violation or as an Enforcement Tool: An EU Antitrust Perspective
Yves Botteman and Jean-François Guillardeau
Yves Botteman
March 19, 2013, CPI Antitrust Chronicle
China’s Antitrust Law After the 18th Party Congress
Ying Huang
February 2013, CPI Antitrust Chronicle
Not So Safe "Safe Harbors"
February 15, 2013
Upcoming Reforms in EU Merger Control
Yves Botteman
February 14, 2013
Two Wrongs Still Do Not Make a Right
February 11, 2013
Keeping it Strictly…Parental
February 7, 2013
Standardisation Work: Beware the Antitrust Dimension
Nano Watch
Dr. Anna Gergely and Agapi Patsa
September 2012, Chemical Watch
Tainted Money — The Increasing Need for Shareholder Vigilance
Paul Hughes
June 8, 2012, Bloomberg BNA Antitrust & Trade Regulation Report
Joint Venture...Subsidiary...What's the Difference for Cartel Liability and Fines?
CPI Antitrust Chronicle
Laura Atlee
April 2012, Competition Policy International
Unforeseen Risks of Disclosure in Leniency Programs
CPI Antitrust Chronicle
Laura Atlee
December 2011, Competition Policy International
"You Can’t Beat the Percentage" – The Parental Liability Presumption in EU Cartel Enforcement
Yves Botteman, Laura Atlee, and Julian Joshua
EU: Cartels and Leniency
2011, The European Antitrust Review 2012 – A Global Competition Review Special Report
Hart-Scott-Rodino Rule Changes Effective August 18, 2011 Impose Challenging New Requirements for Information and Documents
Kenneth P. Ewing, Timothy M. Walsh
July 18, 2011
"Turbulence — FTAIA And Air Transportation Claims"
Edward B. Schwartz and Forrest W. Treat
June 16, 2011, Law360
EU Competition Briefing - Good Faith Disclosure and FRAND Commitment in the Context of Standardisation Agreements in the EU
Yves Botteman & Agapi Patsa
May 2011
EU Competition Briefing - Allocating Cartel Fines Among Companies of a Group
Laura Atlee & Yves Botteman
April 2011
Co-Author, “Adding Antitrust to NDRC’s Arsenal”
CPI Competition Policy International Chronicle
Bo Yue
Co-Author, “Disentangling Industrial Policy and Competition Policy in China”
ABA Antitrust Source
Bo Yue
US: Merger Control, in The Antitrust Review of the Americas 2010
Kenneth P. Ewing
October 2010
La Nouvelle Politique De Concurrence De La Commission Européenne Dans L'Assurance
Yves Botteman, Guy Soussan
May 2010, Risk Management
Severing Parent Liability for Cartel Infringements by Employees of Subsidiaries
CPI Antitrust Journal
Laura Atlee
April 2010, Competition Policy International
EU Competition Briefing - The EU Air Transport Sector in Dire Straits
March 2010
Editor, Transportation Subchapter in Regulated Industries Chapter
Edward B. Schwartz
ABA, Antitrust Law Developments VI and VII (2007 and Supp. 2008, 2009, 2010)
EU Competition Briefing - An Update on the Parent Liability for Antitrust Violations of Subsidiaries
Yves Botteman
December 2009
EU Competition Briefing - The Commission’s Guidelines On Restructuring Aid To Banks
Jean Russotto
August 2009
Antitrust & Competition Advisory - European Commission releases proposal on distribution agreements
Yves Botteman
July 29, 2009
EU Competition Briefing - European Commission Launches Consultation on State Aid and Regulatory Strategy to Promote High Speed Internet
July 2009
REACH: Key Competition Issues
Darren Abrahams, Yves Botteman, and Jean-François Guillardeau
Darren Abrahams, Yves Botteman
June 19, 2009, Law360
Antitrust & Competition Advisory - US and EU Authorities Signal Tougher Antitrust Enforcement
Yves Botteman, Kenneth P. Ewing
May 14, 2009
Antitrust Client Advisory - The Supreme Court's Linkline Decision: Further Limits On Section 2 Of The Sherman Act
Kenneth P. Ewing
March 10, 2009
Antitrust Client Advisory - New HSR Thresholds and Penalties
Kenneth P. Ewing, Timothy M. Walsh
January 15, 2009
US Merger Control: Another Active Year for the FTC and DoJ
Kenneth P. Ewing
An extract from The 2009 Antitrust Review of the Americas - a Global Competition Review special report -
EU Competition Briefing - Guidance On Enforcement Priorities Regarding Exclusionary Abuses: A Comparative Overview
Yves Botteman, Kenneth P. Ewing
December 2008
EU Competition Briefing - Three Months Of EU State Aid Policy And Practice In The Financial Markets
Yves Botteman
December 2008
Treasury Department Issues Final CFIUS Regulations
Edward J. Krauland, Timothy M. Walsh
November 19, 2008
ECJ Rules on GlaxoSmithKline's Parallel Trade Restriction
Yves Botteman
September 16, 2008
EU Competition Briefing - Recent European Court Rulings In Cartel Cases
Yves Botteman
September 2008
EU Competition Briefing - Cartel Settlement Package Adopted: At the Low End of Expectations
Yves Botteman
July 2008
BER time is running out for industry
Yves Botteman, Guy Soussan, Philip Woolfson
June 23, 2008, Insurance Day
EU Settlement Plan Needs More Incentive
Yves Botteman
June 23, 2008, Competition Law 360°
Briefing: European Commission opens public consultation on the renewal of the Block Exemption Regulation for the insurance sector
Yves Botteman, Guy Soussan, Philip Woolfson
May 2008
EU Competition Briefing - Class Actions or Collective Redress?
May 2008
EU Competition Briefing - Class Actions or Collective Redress?
Antitrust damages actions in Europe: A glimpse into the future
Yves Botteman
May 2008
Co-Author, “Developments in International Leniency Agreements: 2007 to 2008”
Global Competition Review
Bo Yue
US Merger Control: The FTC Goes to Court
Kenneth P. Ewing
An extract from The Antitrust Review of the Americas 2008, a Global Competition Review special report -
“Private Antitrust Enforcement in Europe: Are American-Style Class Actions on the Way?”
Edward B. Schwartz and Martin Rees
15 Antitrust
October 2007, Andrews Litigation Reporter
Barbarians At The Gate?
Kenneth P. Ewing
May 2, 2007
EU Competition Briefing - Inquiry Reveals Complexity of Insurance Sector
Guy Soussan, Philip Woolfson
February 2007
Private Anti-Trust Remedies under US Law
Kenneth P. Ewing
January 19, 2007, PLC Cross-Border Competition Handbook 2006/07 Vol 1
Briefing: Update on the European Commission's Anti-Trust Inquiry into Business Insurance
Guy Soussan, Philip Woolfson
January 15, 2007
Antitrust Briefing: Delay in Harmonising Policyholder Protection/Insurance Guarantee Schemes at the EU Level Has "Knock-On" Effects in Member States
Philip Woolfson
November 3, 2006
Higher Thresholds and New Rules for Unincorporated Entities
Kenneth P. Ewing
October 17, 2006, An extract from The Antitrust Review of the Americas 2007, a Global Competition Review special report
Australian Antitrust Law
Recent Changes in Merger Control
December 23, 2005, Global Competition Review
After Empagran: Could London Become a One-Stop for Antitrust Litigation?
Julian Joshua
August 2005, Competition Law Insight
Competition Policy Briefing
The European Comission shifts its focus to the enforcement of competition policy in financial services
Philip Woolfson
March 2005
Briefing Note: The Spitzer Investigation
Kenneth P. Ewing, Mark F. Horning, John L. Jacobus, Angus Rodger, Philip Woolfson
Merger Control
International Comparative Legal Guide
Kenneth P. Ewing
September 30, 2004, Global Legal Group
Recent Changes in the Scope of the Market Dominance Standard in Rail Rate Regulation
Anthony LaRocca
Winter 2003, The Transportation Antitrust Update
Recent Developments in US Merger Control
Brian J. Telpner
September 20, 2002
Divesture and Disgorgement
Recent Developments in Merger Remedies
Brian J. Telpner
June 10, 2002
Antitrust & Competition Update
Antitrust and Competition Group
May 10, 2002
“Trends in Private Antitrust Litigation: Navigating the Rising Tide of Follow-on Claims”
Edward B. Schwartz
2002, The Antitrust Review of the Americas 2002, A Global Competition Review Special Report
Innovation and Potential Competition in Rapidly-Changing High-Tech Industries
Brian J. Telpner
May 4, 2001
Making Sense of Sherman Act Section 2 in the High-Tech Economy
Brian J. Telpner
September 9, 2000
When Does Cooperation Become Collusion?
May 2000
Amnesty, Cooperation, and Confidentiality
Practical Thoughts on International Anticartel Enforcement
February 17, 2000
New Directions in Merger Enforcement
Is It Time to Move the Divestiture Process From the Conference Room to the Court Room?
February 17, 2000
The Blurring of Lines Between Cooperation and Collusion
February 17, 2000
Recent Developments in EU and US Merger Remedies
Kenneth P. Ewing
2000, Global Counsel Competition Law Handbook 2004/05
Rules Changes, merger Data, and a Surprising FTC Loss
Kenneth P. Ewing
2000, Global Competition Review
“Bringing Life to a Legitimate Business Justification in a Non-Price Vertical Restraint Case”
Edward B. Schwartz
Spring 1998, Private Antitrust Litigation News

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