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Antitrust Under Trump: An Analysis of Makan Delrahim, DOJ Antitrust Pick
Edward B. Schwartz, Tracy Huang
May 23, 2017
Recent Developments Show More Aggressive US Cartel Enforcement
Kenneth P. Ewing, Patrick F. Linehan, Nina S. Thanawala
April 5, 2017
AG Wahl’s Opinion in Intel: Towards Clear Rules on Rebates under Article 102 TFEU?
Jean-Nicolas Maillard, Yves Botteman, Camille Keres
February 14, 2017
"National Competition Authorities' Investigations in Hub-and-Spoke Arrangements: A Critical Review"
Yves Botteman
January 23, 2017, The Notion of Restriction of Competition, Global Competition Law Center
The CoJ’s Judgments in the Cement Case: Towards Increased Rights of Defense for Investigated Businesses?
Yves Botteman, Camille Keres
March 23, 2016
Ultra Petita – When the General Court Oversteps the Mark
February 15, 2016
Cartel Liability in the Online Space Requires More Than a Sent E-mail
Yves Botteman
February 3, 2016
AC-Treuhand v Commission: Article 101 TFEU for Everyone!
Yves Botteman
November 3, 2015
LG Electronics vs. The European Commission: Nightmare Scenario for Joint Ventures?
Yves Botteman
September 22, 2015
Fine (or not so Fine) Calculations: Highest EU Court Says European Commission May Take into Account Sales of Finished Products Incorporating Cartelized Components
Yves Botteman
August 5, 2015
What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas: the EU General Court’s Ruling in Timab v. Commission
Yves Botteman
June 12, 2015
The CoJ’s Ruling in the CDC Case: Where to Seek Damages for Victims of Cross-Border Cartels?
Camille Keres
June 5, 2015
What Sales to Take into Account when Calculating EU Cartel Fines?
Yves Botteman
May 29, 2015
The European Commission’s Digital Single Market Strategy: What’s in It for Audiovisual Media Service Providers?
Yves Botteman
May 13, 2015
EU Commission Launches E-Commerce Inquiry
Yves Botteman, Jean-Nicolas Maillard
May 7, 2015
The French Competition Authority Cleans Up the Consumer Products Cartels: A New Dawn for Antitrust Enforcement in Europe?
Jean-Nicolas Maillard, Camille Keres
Spring 2015, ABA's Cartel & Joint Conduct Review
EU High Court Pushes Boundaries Of What Amounts To A Cartel
Yves Botteman
April 3, 2015, Law360
E-Commerce to Be Probed by EU Commission
Edward B. Schwartz, Yves Botteman, Jean-Nicolas Maillard
March 27, 2015
Highest EU Court Supports an Expanded View on What Amounts to a Cartel
Yves Botteman
March 27, 2015
Oops, I Did It Again – or Maybe Not: May a Parent Company Be Held Recidivist on Account of a Subsidiary’s Past Antitrust Offense?
Jean-Nicolas Maillard
February 12, 2015
Putting Its House in Order: The EC Opens Consultations on Legislative Changes to Give Effect to the Damages Directive
Yves Botteman
December 19, 2014
Single Continuous Infringement
Jean-Nicolas Maillard, Camille Keres
December 2014, Lexis Nexis
EU General Court Upholds and Clarifies European Commission’s Broad Dawn Raid Powers
Yves Botteman
December 5, 2014
The Treatment of Intra-Group Sales in the Calculation of EU Cartel Fines: Vertically and Non-Vertically Integrated Companies Put on an Equal Footing
Yves Botteman
November 24, 2014
The GC’s Ruling in Schenker: A Small Opening for Third Party Access to Cartel Decisions
Camille Keres
October 29, 2014
European Commission’s Investigative Powers and the Rights of Defence
Yves Botteman
September 2014, Lexis® PSL Competition
The Boundaries of “Restriction by Object” Under EU Competition Law: At Last, the EU Court of Justice Puts the House in Order
Yves Botteman
September 18, 2014
'Oh, You Did Not Say That!' Liability for False or Misleading Statements under the Sherman and Lanham Acts
Edward B. Schwartz
July 2014, CPI Antitrust Chronicle
A Step Toward More Private Competition Enforcement in EU
Laura Atlee and Agapi Patsa
June 21, 2013, Law360
A Step Closer to Effective Actions for Damages for Breach of EU Competition Rules
Yves Botteman
June 12, 2013
A Bananas Judgment: Denying a Parent Company Access to a Related Company’s Reply to the Statement of Objections
May 2013, CPI Antitrust Chronicle
Yet Another EC Energy Case Resolved Through Commitments
Yves Botteman and Agapi Patsa
April 26, 2013, Law360
EU Court's Take On Remuneration Of Insurance Brokers
Yves Botteman and Elena García Aguado
April 1, 2013, Law360
Injunctive Relief as an Antitrust Violation or as an Enforcement Tool: An EU Antitrust Perspective
Yves Botteman and Jean-François Guillardeau
Yves Botteman
March 19, 2013, CPI Antitrust Chronicle
Not So Safe "Safe Harbors"
February 15, 2013
Upcoming Reforms in EU Merger Control
Yves Botteman
February 14, 2013
Two Wrongs Still Do Not Make a Right
February 11, 2013
Keeping it Strictly…Parental
February 7, 2013
The Jurisdictional Reach of EU Anti-Cartel Rules: Unmuddling the Limits
Yves Botteman and Agapi Patsa
August 1, 2012, European Competition Journal
Joint Venture...Subsidiary...What's the Difference for Cartel Liability and Fines?
CPI Antitrust Chronicle
Laura Atlee
April 2012, Competition Policy International
Unforeseen Risks of Disclosure in Leniency Programs
CPI Antitrust Chronicle
Laura Atlee
December 2011, Competition Policy International
"You Can’t Beat the Percentage" – The Parental Liability Presumption in EU Cartel Enforcement
Yves Botteman, Laura Atlee, and Julian Joshua
EU: Cartels and Leniency
2011, The European Antitrust Review 2012 – A Global Competition Review Special Report
EU Competition Briefing - Allocating Cartel Fines Among Companies of a Group
Laura Atlee & Yves Botteman
April 2011
Shooting the Messenger: Does the UK Criminal Cartel Offense Have a Future?
Julian Joshua
August 2010, theantitrustsource
The BA Cartel Trial: The OFT Got the Wrong Type of High-Impact Outcome
Julian Joshua
June 29, 2010, Competition Law Insight
OFT's Credibility is in Tatters Following the Failed BA Price-Fixing Trial
Julian Joshua
May 20, 2010, The Law Society Gazette
Severing Parent Liability for Cartel Infringements by Employees of Subsidiaries
CPI Antitrust Journal
Laura Atlee
April 2010, Competition Policy International
EU Competition Briefing - An Update on the Parent Liability for Antitrust Violations of Subsidiaries
Yves Botteman
December 2009
Directors’ Personal Liability for Cartel Activity under UK and EC Law—A Tangled Web
Paul Hughes
2008, The European Competition Law Review
EU Competition Briefing - Recent European Court Rulings In Cartel Cases
Yves Botteman
September 2008
Implications of Norris for UK-US Extradition and Future UK Cartel Prosecutions
Julian Joshua
June 2008, The Antitrust Source
Observations Regarding Commonwealth of Australia Draft Legislation Introducing Criminal Penalties for Cartel
Julian Joshua and Prof. Chrisopher Harding
February 29, 2008, Conduct
Norris v. United States. A Stalking Horse for the Cartel Offence?
Julian Joshua
February 2008, Competition Law Insight
Bring on the Private Suits–Step by Cautious Step, Europe Encourages More Private Enforcement
Julian Joshua, Sarah Jordan, and Alan M. Wiseman
March 2007, Legal Times
Settlements Urged to Ease Cartel Case Clog
Julian Joshua
February 2007, The European Lawyer
The Brave New World of Extradition: A North Atlantic Treaty Alliance Against Cartels
Julian Joshua
2006, Handbook of Research in Transatlantic Antitrust
The European Cartel Enforcement Regime Post-Modernization: How Is It Working?
Julian Joshua
2006, George Mason Law Review
International Cartel Enforcement: The Effect of Booker
Julian Joshua
April 2005, PLC Cross-Border

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