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Ex-Homeland Security Official: FISA Checks on Known Terror Suspects are a Matter of Life and Death
Stewart A. Baker
November 14, 2017, Fox News
Three Recent Cybersecurity and Information Systems Management Rules Impact Government Contractors
Michael W. Mutek
October 31, 2016
New “Insider Threat” Programs Required for Cleared Contractors
Michael W. Mutek, Paul R. Hurst
June 9, 2016
Visa Waiver Program Enhances Ability to Prevent Terrorist Travel
Marc Frey
December 2, 2015, The Hill
DoD’s New Defense Industrial Base Cybersecurity Rule Aligns with the August DFARS Cyber Reporting Rule
Michael W. Mutek
October 8, 2015
New DFARS Cyber-Reporting and Cloud Rule Impacts Defense Contractors/Supply Chains
Andy Irwin and Michael Mutek
September 15, 2015
After OPM Hack, Three Steps to Improve Government Cybersecurity
Alan Cohn
June 12, 2015, The Christian Science Monitor
DoD Issues Interim Offset Costs Rule
Andy Irwin, Mike Mutek, Jeffrey Cottle, Tom Barletta, Peter Wellington, Paul Hurst, Fred Geldon, Mike Navarre, Ed Krauland, Meredith Rathbone, Jack Hayes, and Alexandra Baj
June 4, 2015
DOJ Issues New Cyberattack Response Playbook
Stewart A. Baker, Michael Vatis, Jason M. Weinstein
May 4, 2015
How the Visa Waiver Program is Keeping America Safe
Stewart Baker, Marc Frey, and Stephen Heifetz
November 2014
DOD Amends DFARS to Bolster Cybersecurity of Unclassified Contractor Systems, Answering Some Questions and Raising Others
Andrew Irwin, Stewart Baker, Tom Barletta, Ed Krauland, and Teddy Nemeroff
December 11, 2013, The Government Contractor
DoD Issues Final DFARS Rule Regarding Safeguarding Unclassified Controlled Technical Information and Cyber-Reporting
Edward J. Krauland, Stewart A. Baker, Marc Frey, Thomas P. Barletta
December 4, 2013
DoD Publishes Interim Rule on Supply Chain Security for Defense Contractors
Stewart A. Baker, Thomas P. Barletta, Marc Frey, Edward J. Krauland
December 3, 2013
Book Review: 'Treasury's War,' by Juan Zarate
Stewart A. Baker
October 28, 2013
Allies Aren’t Always Friends
Stewart A. Baker
October 24, 2013
Spy Programs Make Us Safer: Opposing View
Stewart A. Baker
September 9, 2013, USA Today
White House Issues Executive Order on Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity
Stewart A. Baker, Marc Frey, Michael Vatis
February 15, 2013
Rethinking the Private Sector's Role in Cybersecurity
Stewart A. Baker
October 5, 2012, Law360
FAR Council Issues Proposed Rule on Private Security Contractors Supporting US Government Programs Abroad
Thomas P. Barletta, Marc Frey, Michael J. Navarre, Meredith Rathbone
August 14, 2012
What Is the Role of Lawyers in Cyberwarfare?
Stewart A. Baker
May 1, 2012, ABA Journal
CISPA isn't 'son of SOPA'
Stewart A. Baker
April 24, 2012, Politico
Former Assistant Secretary of DHS for Policy Proposes ‘Adversary-Based’ Approach to Cyber Security
Stewart A. Baker
April 17, 2012, GSN: Government Security News
Update on Cybersecurity Legislative Efforts
Stewart A. Baker, Douglas Kantor, Michael Vatis
March 6, 2012
How Should Corporate Boards and General Counsels Deal with Cyber Risks?
Stewart A. Baker
February 14, 2012, Bloomberg Corporate and M&A Law Report
OHL Solutions Fined $1 Million for Failing to Screen Cargo
Marc Frey
February 10, 2012
Denial of Service
Lawyers are crippling America's ability to defend against cyberwar with arcane rules and regulations. But war waits for no man.
Stewart A. Baker
September 30, 2011, Foreign Policy
A Security Turf War?
An odd attack on the NYPD
Stewart Baker
August 28, 2011, New York Post
Mobility Matters Bulletin - July 2011
Marc Frey
July 7, 2011
Security Partnerships Bulletin - July 2011
Marc Frey
July 7, 2011
Mobility Matters Bulletin - February 2011
Marc Frey
February 25, 2011
Security Partnerships Bulletin - February 2011
Marc Frey
February 24, 2011
Mobility Matters Bulletin - November 2010
Marc Frey
November 4, 2010
Security Partnerships Bulletin - November 2010
Marc Frey
November 4, 2010
Legal Ease: Plain Talk on Legal Topics - Prep Work
Scott Sinder, Stephen Heifetz, and Marc Frey
November 2010, Leader's Edge
“Staying Ahead of CFIUS”, The Deal
Stewart A. Baker
October 1, 2010
Addressing National Security Concerns
Stewart A. Baker and Stephen R. Heifetz
September 24, 2010, Insight
International Programs Needed for Continuing Terrorist Threat to Global Aviation
Marc Frey
September 24, 2010, Security Debrief Blog
New Executive Order to Prompt Changes in Security Standards for Biolabs
Stewart A. Baker, Marc Frey
September 3, 2010
Electronic System for Travel Authorization Supports US Security
Marc Frey
August 25, 2010, Security Debrief Blog
Mobility Matters Bulletin - August 2010
Marc Frey
August 2, 2010
Security Partnerships Bulletin - August 2010
Marc Frey
August 2, 2010
E-passports Key to Border and Travel Security
Marc Frey
July 19, 2010, Security Debrief Blog
The New Currency of Travel and Trade
Marc Frey
Summer 2010, Common Defense Quarterly: The Journal for International Defense Cooperation
International Criminal Information Sharing
Marc Frey
June 29, 2010, Security Debrief Blog
Paris Joins Other Global Transit Hubs in Immigration Advisory Program
Marc Frey
June 14, 2010, Security Debrief Blog
Visa Waiver Program for Latin America
Marc Frey
June 10, 2010, Security Debrief Blog
Napolitano Eliminates Paper Arrival-Departure Form
Marc Frey
May 21, 2010, Security Debrief Blog
Visa-Free Security
Stephen R. Heifetz and Marc E. Frey
May 21, 2010, The Hill
International Passenger Name Record Agreements Critical to Stopping Terrorists
Marc Frey
May 20, 2010, Security Debrief Blog
Visa Waiver Program Not a Primary Contributor to Illegal Immigrant Population
Marc Frey
May 12, 2010, Security Debrief Blog
Stopping Shahzad at the Gate: DHS’s Operational Air Exit System
Marc Frey
May 7, 2010, Security Debrief Blog
Enhanced Passenger Screening Requires Enhanced Airline Cooperation
Marc Frey
May 5, 2010, Security Debrief Blog
Mobility Matters Bulletin
Marc Frey
April 29, 2010
Security Partnerships Bulletin
Marc Frey
April 29, 2010

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