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US Forest Service Seeks Comments on Streamlining NEPA Procedures
Jody A. Cummings, Cynthia L. Taub
January 10, 2018
Proposed Changes to Off-Reservation Trust Application Criteria and Acquisition Process
Jody A. Cummings
October 30, 2017
Courts Weigh Scope of Clean Water Act
Cynthia L. Taub
October 16, 2017, Bloomberg BNA's Daily Environment Report
CEQ Announces Steps to Streamline Infrastructure Permitting
Cynthia L. Taub, Jody A. Cummings
September 15, 2017
If a Power Plant Burns, Does a Natural Gas Pipeline Count the Smoke?
Monique Watson, Steven J. Ross, Marc L. Spitzer, Cynthia L. Taub
August 24, 2017
Executive Order Establishes Accountability for Infrastructure Projects
Cynthia L. Taub, Joshua Runyan, David H. Coburn, Jody A. Cummings, Sara Beth Watson
August 17, 2017
Executive Order Forms a Presidential Advisory Council on Infrastructure
Cynthia L. Taub, Sarah Nural
July 25, 2017
President Trump’s Infrastructure Efforts – A New Role for CEQ?
David H. Coburn, Jody A. Cummings, Cynthia L. Taub, Sarah Nural
June 14, 2017
New FAST Act Implementation Report Describes Permit Streamlining Accomplishments
Sarah Nural, Cynthia L. Taub
April 20, 2017
US Fish & Wildlife Service Unveils Eagle Act Permitting Program
Mark Murphy, Cynthia L. Taub
January 31, 2017
Treasury Department Issues Report on Infrastructure Development Obstacles
Sarah Nural, Cynthia L. Taub
January 12, 2017
Corps Issues Final 2017 Nationwide Permits
David H. Coburn, Joshua Runyan, Cynthia L. Taub
January 6, 2017
How Fast is the FAST Act?: An Analysis of Reforms Streamlining the NEPA Review Process
Cynthia L. Taub
April 1, 2016, Legal Backgrounder
FAST Act Includes NEPA Reforms for Pipelines, Other Infrastructure Projects
David H. Coburn, Cynthia L. Taub, Joshua Runyan
January 14, 2016
Presidential Memorandum on Mitigation Puts New Emphasis on Avoiding Natural Resources Impacts
Cynthia L. Taub
November 19, 2015
CEQ Issues Revised Draft Guidance for Evaluating Climate Change Impacts in NEPA Reviews
Cynthia L. Taub
February 5, 2015

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