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Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: The Emerging Regulatory Framework
Jason M. Weinstein, Alan Cohn, Micah S. Green, Charles R. Mills, Michael J.W. Rennock, Lisa M. Zarlenga, Jack R. Hayes
September 13, 2017
After Eight Months, an Update on the Blockchain Alliance
Jason M. Weinstein, Alan Cohn
July 26, 2016, Coin Center
Bitcoin Has an Image Problem – It’s Time to Change That
Jason M. Weinstein, Alan Cohn
July 19, 2016, The National Law Journal
Are Bitcoin and Other Digital Currencies Securities?
Alan Cohn, James M. Hobbs, Jason M. Weinstein
February 12, 2016
4 Trends That Will Shape Bitcoin Regulation in 2016
Alan Cohn, Jason M. Weinstein
January 14, 2016, CoinDesk
The Role of Technology in Financial Markets Regulation
Matthew Kulkin and Jason Weinstein
December 7, 2015, Bloomberg BNA
How Can Law Enforcement Leverage the Blockchain in Investigations?
Jason M. Weinstein
May 12, 2015
What Businesses Really Need To Know About Bitcoin
Jason Weinstein
March 5, 2014, Law360

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