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Infinitesimal Ingredients: An Analysis of the Regulatory Dimensions of Nanotechnologies in Foods and Food Contact Materials
Nanotechnologies in Food: Edition 2
Dr. Anna Gergely
May 1, 2017
Regulatory Concerns for Biocidal Active Substances in Food Contact Materials and Articles
Dr. Anna Gergely, Gyöngyi David
February 22, 2017, Chemical Watch
More Harmonized Food Contact Materials Legislation for Europe?
Dr. Anna Gergely, Seth Goldberg, Gyöngyi David
October 7, 2016
Recent Proposition 65 Actions on BPA Affecting Canned and Bottled Beverages and Food
Seth Goldberg, Sara Beth Watson, Dr. Mitchell Cheeseman, Chris Amantea, Jason Levin
April 21, 2016
FDA’s Sanitary Transportation Rule: Flexibility In, Food Contact Substances Out
Dr. Mitchell Cheeseman, Deborah C. Attwood
April 7, 2016
Implications of the FSMA FSVP for Food Contact Substance Importers
Deborah C. Attwood, Dr. Mitchell Cheeseman
January 7, 2016
The Implications of FDA's Determination on the GRAS Status of PHOs
Dr. Mitchell Cheeseman, Jennifer Quinn-Barabanov, Deborah C. Attwood
June 18, 2015
Confusion, Costs Still Issues For FDA Food Import Program
Deborah C. Attwood
June 11, 2015, Law360
FDA Releases Draft Guidance on FSMA Voluntary Qualified Importer Program
Deborah C. Attwood
June 5, 2015
Energy Drink Regulation
Dr. Mitchell Cheeseman
Summer 2014, Natural Products INSIDER
CFS’ Challenge to FDA’S GRAS Program: It is Time to Intervene
Dr. Mitchell Cheeseman
June 5, 2014
Food Additives & Packaging
Dr. Mitchell Cheeseman
June 2014, ACS Symposium Series
How Does the New EU Regulation on the Use of Biocides Affect Food Contact Materials?
Dr. Anna Gergely
January 2014, Food Packaging Bulletin

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