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The Coal Ash Rule: Looming Battles Over Enforcement and Rollback
Anthony G. Hopp, Libretta Stennes, Christopher "Smitty" Smith
October 4, 2017
Case Management Lessons Learned from the Lone Pine Controversy in the Zimmer MDL
Anthony G. Hopp
February 3, 2017, Toxic and Hazardous Substance Litigation Committee Newsletter
Differential Diagnosis and Daubert: Preventing the Misuse of Differential Etiology to Prove Causation in Toxic Tort Cases
Anthony G. Hopp, Jeremy S. Goldkind
February 1, 2017, Defense Counsel Journal
A New Basis for CERCLA Liability?
Christopher "Smitty" Smith
March 21, 2016, Daily Journal
“Waste and Resource Recovery,” The Year in Review 2015
Christopher "Smitty" Smith
2015, American Bar Association Section of Environment, Energy, and Resource
Shale Gas Production in the US – Great Promise and Great Challenges
Marc L. Spitzer
March 14, 2014, Bloomberg BNA Water Law & Policy Monitor
US Supreme Court Passes Up Opportunity To Further Interpret Rule 23
(A Steptoe sponsored client update)
Jennifer Quinn-Barabanov, Jason Levin
March 13, 2014
Judicial Gatekeeping Suffers A Setback
Jason Levin
July 11, 2013, Law 360
Fracking Plaintiffs Can’t Anticipate a Nuisance
Jennifer Quinn-Barabanov
September 25, 2012, Law360
Diesel Exhaust Claims: Stalled or Just Getting Started?
Jennifer Quinn-Barabanov, Jeffrey M. Theodore, and Lawrence P. Riff
August 2, 2012, Law360
When 'Likely' Does Not Mean 'More Likely Than Not': The Dangers of Allowing Governmental Chemical Classifications and Numeric Risk Assessments at Trial
Mark Fitzsimmons and Leah Quadrino
February 6, 2012, Bloomberg BNA Product Safety & Liability Reporter
Toxic Torts and Indian Tribal Courts: An Examination of the Ninth Circuit Ruling in Town Pump Inc. v. LaPlante
Lawrence Riff and Shannen Coffin
December 16, 2010, Toxics Law Reporter
Developments in Toxic Tort Liability for the Quality of Groundwater Served
David R. Nelson
Volume 49 Number 2
May 2007, Arizona Law Review
Relationships with Co-Counsel: The Joint Defense Privilege
Products, General Liability, and Consumer Law
Spring 2007, ABA Tort Trial Insurance Committee News

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