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Daily Tax Update - December 16, 2017: Conference Committee Tax Bill Released

Hatch Releases Modified Mark of Tax Reform Proposal
November 15, 2017
Senate Finance Releases Tax Reform Proposal
November 10, 2017
Ways and Means Committee Releases Text of Tax Reform Bill
November 2, 2017
US Court Invalidates 'Serial Inversion' Tax Regulation That Ended Pfizer-Allergen Merger
Amanda Pedvin Varma, Brigid Kelly
October 10, 2017, MNE Tax
Treasury Releases Second Report on Tax Regulatory Burdens
Gregory N. Kidder, Aaron P. Nocjar, Amanda Pedvin Varma, Lisa M. Zarlenga, Stanley Smilack, Lauren Azebu
October 4, 2017
'Big Six' Release Tax Reform Framework
Lisa M. Zarlenga
September 27, 2017
Final 367 Regulations Depart From Congressional Intent and Historical IRS Approach
Robert J. Kovacev, John Cobb
January 11, 2017
Foreign Issuer Exclusion in Section 385 Regulations - Issues and Implications
Amanda Pedvin Varma, Brigid Kelly
November 3, 2016
How the 2016 Election Will Affect Public Policy Developments - Part III
Jason Abel, James D. Barnette, Leslie A. Belcher, Pablo M. Bentes, Elizabeth Hurley Burks, Christopher Caron, John T. Collins, R. Timothy Columbus, Michael V. Dunn, Susan G. Esserman, Luis G. Fortuño, Jessica Frend, Chelsea Gold, Micah S. Green, Kate Jensen, J. Bennett Johnston, N. Hunter Johnston, Douglas Kantor, Grace Kim, Lisa Mortier, Darryl Nirenberg, Allison Nyholm, Eva Rigamonti, Robert Rizzi, Richard Shilts, Scott A. Sinder, Amanda Pedvin Varma, Carolyn Walsh, Philip R. West, Lisa M. Zarlenga
October 20, 2016
Treasury, IRS Issue Temporary and Final Regulations Affecting Related-Party Financing
Andrew F. Gordon, Gregory N. Kidder, Robert J. Kovacev, Aaron P. Nocjar, Amanda Pedvin Varma, Lisa M. Zarlenga
October 15, 2016
US Targets Tax Planning in Advance of EU State Aid, Other Foreign-Initiated Tax Adjustments
Amanda Pedvin Varma, Brigid Kelly
September 22, 2016, MNE Tax
US and Ireland Commence Tax Treaty Renegotiation: What Could Change
Amanda Pedvin Varma
September 7, 2016, MNE Tax
House Unveils Blueprint for Tax Reform
Amanda Pedvin Varma, Lisa M. Zarlenga, Stanley Smilack, Karen Jurichko Lowell
June 24, 2016
Proposed Regulations for Foreign-Owned US LLCs Move Toward Increased Financial Transparency
Aaron P. Nocjar, Robert Rizzi, Beth D. Tractenberg, Lisa M. Zarlenga
May 23, 2016
Inversion Regulations Implement Prior Notices and Add New Provisions
Philip R. West, Amanda Pedvin Varma, John Cobb
April 14, 2016
President Obama's Final Budget Proposal Renews Call for Comprehensive International Tax Reform, Echoes Administration's Prior Proposals
Amanda Pedvin Varma, Philip R. West, Stanley Smilack, Brigid Kelly
February 11, 2016
Co-author, The OECD's BEPS Final Report
Philip R. West, Amanda Pedvin Varma
January 20, 2016, Tax Executive
IRS Releases New Procedures for Obtaining US Competent Authority Assistance
Philip R. West, Amanda Pedvin Varma
August 17, 2015
Launch of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect and Related New Tax Regime
Hannah Cao, Susan Munro
November 18, 2014
The Changing Face of 'Enterprise' Tax Reform
Robert Rizzi
January 2014, Journal of Corporate Taxation
Alexis Lautenberg Authors Op-Ed on Exchange of Tax Information
May 18, 2013, Finanz und Wirtschaft
Basics of US Tax-Free Spin-Offs Under Section 355
Gregory N. Kidder
November 2011, International Taxation
UK Tax Law Update - UK Budget Report Summary
March 2011
Across the Great Divide: A Centrist Tax Reform Proposal
Philip R. West
February 28, 2011, Tax Notes
Antitrust & Competition Advisory - European Commission releases proposal on distribution agreements
Yves Botteman
July 29, 2009
Antitrust & Competition Advisory - US and EU Authorities Signal Tougher Antitrust Enforcement
Yves Botteman, Kenneth P. Ewing
May 14, 2009
A Primer on the New U.K. Non-Dom Rules
Kassim Meghjee
March 24, 2008, Tax Notes International
An Analysis of the Proposed US Regs on Cross-Border Mergers
June 6, 2005
Application of Taxation Rate Reductions in JGTRRA to Closely Held Foreign Corporations
Philip R. West
January 2, 2004
2002: A Year in Review for International Tax Practitioners
Philip R. West
November 21, 2002
Comparative Taxation
Some Basic Points
Philip R. West
November 8, 2002
Attributing profits to a PE
A US perspective
Philip R. West
July 30, 2001

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