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Challenge to Travel Ban: Latest Developments
Liz LaRocca and Dana Delott
February 6, 2017
Travel Warning Updates: Dual Nationals and Executive Order Restrictions
Liz LaRocca and Dana Delott
February 3, 2017
President Trump’s Immigration Executive Order: Travel Warnings
Liz LaRocca and Dana Delott
January 31, 2017
New International Entrepreneur Regulation Facilitates Start-Ups
Elizabeth LaRocca and Dana Delott
January 18, 2017
H-1B Cap Season has Arrived: Advance Preparation for April 3 Filings
Elizabeth LaRocca and Dana Delott
January 17, 2017
Entrepreneurs and Investors Granted Improved Immigration Option
Elizabeth LaRocca and Dana Delott
January 13, 2017
ESTA Application Requests Social Media Identifiers
Elizabeth LaRocca and Dana Delott
January 3, 2017
How Employers Can Prepare for Trump Era Immigration Changes
Elizabeth (Liz) Laskey LaRocca, Dana J. Delott
December 27, 2016
TN Visa Category Faces Uncertain Future
Lynda Zengerle, Elizabeth Laskey LaRocca, and Dana Delott
November 15, 2016
Cuba: Immigration Challenges in Both Directions
Lynda Zengerle, Elizabeth Laskey LaRocca, and Dana Delott
November 8, 2016
DUI Charges Can Interfere With Travel
Lynda Zengerle, Elizabeth Laskey LaRocca, and Dana Delott
October 17, 2016
Chinese Business and Tourist Travelers Must Enroll in Visa System Beginning November 29
Lynda Zengerle, Elizabeth Laskey LaRocca, and Dana Delott
September 30, 2016
USCIS To Target Executives and Managers in Fraud Site Visits
Lynda Zengerle and Liz LaRocca
April 13, 2016
US Citizens May Be Facing Passport Renewal Backlog
Lynda Zengerle and Liz LaRocca
March 4, 2016
Finally, H-4 Spouses May Work in the US
Elizabeth (Liz) Laskey LaRocca
February 24, 2015
H-1B Cap Season Is Officially Upon Us
Elizabeth (Liz) Laskey LaRocca
February 18, 2015
Automated I-94 Cards: What It Means for Employers and Foreign Nationals
Elizabeth (Liz) Laskey LaRocca
April 11, 2013
Form I-9 Revised: The Most Complicated Two-Page Form
Elizabeth (Liz) Laskey LaRocca
March 18, 2013
Corporations under Investigation for Immigration & Related Employment Lapses
Elizabeth (Liz) Laskey LaRocca
October 23, 2012
US Economic Sanctions and Their Intersection with EB-5 Immigrant Investor Practice
Jack R. Hayes
July 2012, Inside Immigration
"DREAM"ers Will Receive Deportation Amnesty and Work Authorization under New Obama Administration Policy
Elizabeth (Liz) Laskey LaRocca
June 20, 2012
US Immigration Welcomes Investors
Elizabeth (Liz) Laskey LaRocca
December 8, 2011
New Requirements for Employers of Non-Immigrants: Must Certify Compliance with Deemed Export Rules
Edward J. Krauland, Elizabeth (Liz) Laskey LaRocca, Meredith Rathbone
December 2, 2010
I-9 Violations Cost Clothing Company More Than One Million Dollars
Elizabeth (Liz) Laskey LaRocca
October 5, 2010
How to Gamble for a Green Card
Elizabeth (Liz) Laskey LaRocca
October 4, 2010
Third Country Nationals Applying for Non-Immigrant Visas at US Consulates in Canada Must Be Aware of Changes in Appointment Procedures
Elizabeth (Liz) Laskey LaRocca
September 28, 2010
Fee to Be Required for Use of Online Mandatory Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA)
Elizabeth (Liz) Laskey LaRocca
August 17, 2010
Immigration Law Advisory - Online Travel Authorization Now Mandatory for Visa Waiver Travelers to the United States
January 28, 2010
Immigration Law Advisory - Recent Developments On Visa Availability, Premium Processing Of I-140 Petitions And Visa Waiver Program Travel Document Requirements
July 1, 2009
Immigration Law Advisory - Recent Developments In Immigration Compliance And Enforcement – Impact On Businesses And Individuals
June 4, 2009
Immigration Law Advisory - New Travel Document Requirements For Entry Into The United States Via Land And Sea Ports In Effect Starting June 1, 2009
June 3, 2009
Immigration Law Advisory - Entering The United States After International Travel – New Travel Document Requirements And Procedures At U.S. Air, Land And Sea Ports Of Entry
February 23, 2009
Immigration Law Advisory - E-Verify Requirements for Federal Contractors Delayed Again
February 5, 2009
Change is Coming...New I-9 Form and Rules Effective February 2, 2009
January 23, 2009
Immigration Law Advisory - DHS Expands US-VISIT Biometrics Requirements
December 19, 2008
I-9 & Employment Verification: Don't Play with Fire; Stay Compliant.
Lynda S. Zengerle
October 23, 2008
Immigration Law Advisory - ICE Proposes Debarment of Seven Companies from Federal Contracting for Knowingly Hiring Unauthorized Workers
October 6, 2008
Changes to the UK immigration system
September 2008
Immigration Law Advisory - Executive Order Issued Requiring Federal Government Contractors to Use Electronic Employment Verification (E-Verify) System
June 10, 2008
Immigration Law Advisory - USCIS Modification of FBI Name Check Policy Impacts Adjustment of Status Applications
February 22, 2008
Immigration Law Advisory - H-1B Cap Season Draws Near and Revisions to Form I-9
February 11, 2008
Immigration Law Advisory - UPDATE on the “No-Match” Letter Rule
September 7, 2007
Immigration Law Advisory - What to do When the Dreaded "No-Match" Letter Arrives
August 20, 2007
Immigration Law Advisory - Effective July 2, 2007, Department of State Suspends Immigrant Visa Availability for Employer-Sponsored Aliens Seeking Adjustment of Status
July 3, 2007
Immigration Law Advisory - Extension of Work Authorization for TPS Recipients from Honduras and Nicaragua
June 8, 2007
Immigration Law Advisory - Recent Immigration Raids Highlight Employers' Liability
Employers Could Be Found Criminally Liable for Hiring Undocumented Workers
May 1, 2007
Immigration Law Advisory - Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative Rule Outlines New Document Requirements for Air Travel
Passports Required for Air Travel into United States From the Western Hemisphere as of January 23, 2007
December 1, 2006
Immigration Law Advisory - 2008 Diversity Visa Lottery: Win the (DV) Lottery
September 22, 2006
Immigration Law Advisory - Certain Employment-based Petitions Now Eligible for Expedited Processing
August 24, 2006
Immigration Law Advisory - More Work, Greater Potential Liability for Employers
Department of Homeland Security Offers "Safe Harbor" to Employers When Proving Employees Are Eligible to Work in the US
July 24, 2006
Immigration Law Advisory - Employers Beware: Department of Homeland Security Steps Up Worksite Enforcement Efforts
July 11, 2006
Immigration Law Advisory- Extension of Work Authorization for TPS Recipients from Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador
June 19, 2006
Civil RICO Claims & Immigration Law Violations
March 2006, The Corporate Counselor, Vol 20 No 10
Far-Reaching Proposed Immigration Legislation Alert
December 15, 2005
Immigration Law Advisory- Retrogression of Employment-Based Immigrant Visa Numbers
December 6, 2005
Immigration Law Advisory - FY 2006 H-1B Visa Cap Expected to be Reached Sooner than Last Year
April 26, 2005
Immigration Law Advisory - Stricter Identification Requirements at US Borders
April 15, 2005
Immigration Law Advisory
March 3, 2005
Immigration Law Advisory
September 1, 2004
Immigration Law Advisory
July 9, 2004
Immigration Law Advisory
June 24, 2004
Immigration Law Advisory
June 16, 2004
Immigration Law Advisory
April 9, 2004
Immigration Law Advisory
February 20, 2004
New H-1B Visas Available Now!
May 3, 2003

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