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An Analysis Of Wilbur Ross’s Stance On Trade Remedies
Eric C. Emerson
January 31, 2017, Law360
Update: A New Treaty For Enforcing Judgments – But Will It Have A Real Impact?
The Hague Convention of 30 June 2005 on Choice of Court Agreements
Steven K. Davidson, Michael J. Baratz, Jared R. Butcher, Molly Bruder Fox
December 7, 2015
Impact of the Amendments to US Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Law in the Trade Preferences Extension Act of 2015
Eric Emerson, Henry Cao
August 21, 2015, Bloomberg BNA’s International Trade Daily Bulletin
Recent Changes to Commerce Department's Separate Rates Test
Eric Emerson, Henry Cao
April 7, 2015, International Business Daily
Getting the Deal Through - Trade & Customs 2014: China
Eric Emerson and Henry Cao
September 9, 2013, Getting the Deal Through
European Union Requests Consultations in First WTO Dispute Settlement with Russia
Alexandra E.P. Baj, Pablo M. Bentes, Susan G. Esserman, Matthew Yeo
July 17, 2013
China Initiates Antidumping Investigation of Imports of Alloy-Steel Seamless Tubes and Pipes from the United States, European Union and Japan
Eric C. Emerson, Hui (Henry) Cao, Susan G. Esserman
May 10, 2013
China’s Antidumping Duty Order on Optical Fiber: A Tale of Twists and Turns (Part I)
Hui (Henry) Cao, Eric C. Emerson, Susan G. Esserman
March 12, 2013
Exports of Surveillance Technology to Repressive Regimes
Michael Gershberg
November 14, 2012, National Security Law in the News: A Guide for Journalists, Scholars, and Policymakers
Co-author, Judicial Review of Antidumping Determinations in the United States
Thomas J. Trendl
Global Trade and Customs Journal, Vol. 7, Issue 5 (2012)
Cumulation in the Analysis of Injury to the Unites States’ Industry (A Cumulatividade na Determinacão de Dano a Indústria Norte Americana)
Pablo M. Bentes
A. Lima-Campos (ed.), Ensaios em Comercio Internacional, Ed. Singular, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Commentary on Developments in Section 1581 (c) NME Cases
Thomas J. Trendl, Christopher Falcone
Fall 2010, Georgetown Journal of International Law
Section 337 Update - Counterfeiters Beware -- Increasing Focus on IP Theft
Steven J. Barber
March 1, 2010
Section 337 Update - Gray Market Cigarettes Once Again Excluded Under Section 337
Steven J. Barber
October 16, 2009
Obama's Section 421 Decision on Tires Lauded by U.S. Apparel Industry
Eric C. Emerson, Thomas J. Trendl
September 16, 2009, Apparel Industry Alert
Apparel Industry Alert - Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Case Filed Against Woven Ribbon from China
Eric C. Emerson, Thomas J. Trendl
July 15, 2009
Section 337 Update - Markman Hearings in Section 337 Proceedings
Steven J. Barber
July 8, 2009
Why the Multilateral Trading System Must Take Priority
Richard O. Cunningham
2009, Narrowing The Atlantic
International Law Advisory - U.S. Customs and Border Protection Issues New Penalty Guidelines For Violations of the Export Declaration Regulations
Edward J. Krauland, Gregory S. McCue
January 9, 2009
ITC Begins Investigation of the “First Sale” Valuation Rule for US Imports
Gregory S. McCue
December 31, 2008
USTR Files WTO Challenge Against Chinese Famous Brand Programs
Eric C. Emerson, Ying Huang, Thomas J. Trendl
December 19, 2008
Cases Under 28 U.S.C. § 1581(i)
Richard O. Cunningham
Fall 2006, Georgetown Journal of International Law

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