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Arizona Industrial Commission Gives Additional Guidance on Prop. 206 Paid Sick Time Law
Steven D. Wheeless
June 30, 2017
The Hidden Landmine in Arizona’s Earned Paid Sick Time Law
Erin Norris Bass, Steven D. Wheeless
June 15, 2017, Az Business magazine
Proposed Rules Provide Some Clarity to Prop 206 Paid Sick Time Law, Leave Other Questions Unanswered
Sophia Alonso, Steven D. Wheeless
May 11, 2017
California Supreme Court Clarifies Day of Rest Rules
Erin Norris Bass, Steven D. Wheeless
May 10, 2017
NLRB Workrule Cases Likely to Change With the Trump Board
Steven D. Wheeless
March 17, 2017
Arizona's Prop 206 Will Stand
Steven D. Wheeless
March 15, 2017
National General Strike Called for on February 17
Steven D. Wheeless
February 10, 2017
Employer Takeaways From New Ariz. Paid Sick Leave Law
Steven D. Wheeless, Sophia Alonso
January 31, 2017, Law360
There's No Excuse For Age Bias
Steve Wheeless
September 15, 2011, Arizona Business Gazette
Twenty-Five Years of Development in the Law Under the National Labor Relations Act
Steven D. Wheeless
January 1, 2011, American Bar Association Journal of Labor & Employment Law
Legal Ease: Plain Talk on Legal Topics - Get Organized
Scott A. Sinder, Steven D. Wheeless
October 2009, Leader's Edge

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