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Federal Agencies Signal Shifts In Regulating Manufactured Nanomaterials
Legal Opinion Letter
Seth Goldberg and Rachel Tennis
April 27, 2012, Washington Legal Foundation
How the EU Nano Definition Will be Applied to Biocides
Nano Watch
Dr. Anna Gergely
April 2012, Chemical Watch
FDA Regulation of Nanotechnology
Chapter 5: Dietary Supplements
Sara Beth Watson
February 2012
Nano Analyst: European Commission Releases Long Awaited Definition for Nanomaterials
Dr. Anna Gergely
October 18, 2011
Where Is “Agronanotechnology” Heading in the United States and European Union?
Sara Beth Watson, Dr. Anna Gergely, and Erik R. Janus
Volume 26, Number 1
Summer 2011, Natural Resources & Environment
Nano Analyst: US Government Issues Policy Framework for Regulation of Nanomaterials and Releases Two Regulatory Proposals for Comment
Dr. Anna Gergely
June 15, 2011
Nano Analyst: Inaugural Joint US-EU Workshop Sets the Stage for Future International Collaboration
Dr. Anna Gergely
April 11, 2011
Nano Analyst: What can be learned from EPA’s first nanosilver registration?
Dr. Anna Gergely
March 3, 2011
Nano Analyst: European Food Safety Authority Releases Initial Guidance on Risk Assessment of Food and Feed Applications of Nanotechnologies
Dr. Anna Gergely
January 31, 2011
Nanomaterials Need Effective Risk Governance
Dr. Anna Gergely, Seth Goldberg, Eric Dube, and Erik Janus
January 2011, CHEManager Europe
Regulatory Perspectives on Nanotechnologies in Foods and Food Contact Materials
Dr. Anna Gergely, Qasim Chaudhry, and Diana M. Bowman
November 2010, International Handbook on Regulating Nanotechnologies
The Role of FDA in the Regulation of Manufactured Nanomaterials
Erik R. Janus, Eric Dubé, Seth Goldberg
September 2010, Bloomberg Law Reports
How to Minimize Litigation Risks of Nanotechnology
Jennifer Quinn-Barabanov
July 22, 2010, Bloomberg Law Reports
Section 337 Update - April Activities Affecting the US International Trade Commission
Steven J. Barber
April 27, 2010
The Curse Of The Traveling Shorts - Corporate Officer Narrowly Escapes Personal Liability, But An (Unnecessary?) Eight-Year Battle Lingers On
Greg McCue
February 12, 2010
Small Ingredients in a Big Picture: Regulatory Perspectives on Nanotechnologies in Foods and Food Contact Materials
Dr. Anna Gergely, D.M. Bowman, and Q. Chaudhry
2010, Nanotechnologies in Food
"The Reality is within REACH"
Dr. Anna Gergely
March 2007, European Plastics News
International Law Advisory - UK Parliament Passes Anti-Bribery Reform Law
Tom Best, Edward J. Krauland, Lucinda A. Low

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