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President Trump Decertifies Iran Deal, Outlines New Approach
Ed Krauland, Brian Egan, Anthony Rapa, John London, and Evan Abrams
October 16, 2017
特朗普总统拒认伊朗守约,并提出“伊朗新政” - President Trump Decertifies Iran Deal, Outlines New Approach
Ed Krauland, Brian Egan, Anthony Rapa, John London, Evan Abrams
October 16, 2017
OFAC缩短俄罗斯金融与能源业的新债务期限 - OFAC Shortens New Debt Maturity Periods
Peter Jeydel
September 29, 2017
[2017] China-US Case Notes No. 1 (in Chinese) - Discussing the Forum Non Conveniens Doctrine
Richard K. Wagner, Meihui (May) Xiao, Lin Yang
April 6, 2017
[2016] China-US Case Notes No. 2 (in Chinese) — Vitamin C Antitrust Case Comity Analysis
Richard K. Wagner, Meihui (May) Xiao, Lin Yang
[2016] China-US Case Notes No. 1 (in Chinese) — Language of the Notice of Arbitration in Foreign-Related Arbitration Proceedings — Lessons Learned From Two Cases in Which US Courts Refused to Recognize and Enforce Chinese Arbitral Awards
Richard K. Wagner
Reinsurance Update
John L. Jacobus, Jon T. Neumann, Harry Lee, Sarah D. Gordon, Angus Rodger, Michael Wharfe, Philip Woolfson, Guy Soussan, Susan Munro, Leah M. Quadrino
October 2016
FinCEN 关于特定金融机构的客户尽职调查指南
Jack R. Hayes, Edward J. Krauland
August 4, 2016
Helen Aldridge, Guy Soussan, Edward J. Krauland, Anthony Rapa
June 2, 2016
Susan Munro, Yiting (Amy) Wang
May 30, 2016
缅甸历史性大选后 美国放松针对缅甸的制裁
Peter Jeydel, Meredith Rathbone, Anthony Rapa, Edward J. Krauland
May 19, 2016
PRC Promulgates New Legal Interpretations for Criminal Cases Involving Bribery and Corruption
Susan Munro, Richard Wagner, and Lin Yang
May 12, 2016
CFIUS Past and Present: 2014 Report Coincides with High-Profile 2016 Chinese Acquisitions
Stewart A. Baker, Stephen Heifetz, Edward J. Krauland, Timothy M. Walsh, Alexis J. Early, and Kaitlin A. Cassel
March 2, 2016
China Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption
Susan Munro
November 2015, The Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Review
Are You Ready For Visits From Chinese State Authorities?
Growing Relevance Of PRC Criminal Law And Practice To Foreign Investor Operations
Richard K. Wagner, Lucinda A. Low, Susan Munro, and Lin Yang
October 26, 2015
Recent Changes to Commerce Department's Separate Rates Test
Eric Emerson, Henry Cao
April 7, 2015, International Business Daily
China Compliance Manual
Susan Munro, Ying Huang, and Hannah Cao
November 2014, AmCham China
China Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption
Susan Munro and Amy Wang
November 2014, The Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Review
Draft Amendments to Chinese Criminal Law Upgrade Bribery and Privacy Provisions
Susan Munro, Lucinda Low, Bo Yue, and Yongli Xu
November 18, 2014
Launch of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect and Related New Tax Regime
Hannah Cao, Susan Munro
November 18, 2014
China Question: What Should I Do When I'm Being Investigated?
Susan Munro
November 2014, China Law & Practice
China Supreme People’s Procuratorate Strengthens Protection for Whistleblowers
Susan Munro, Lucinda Low, Bo Yue, and Yongli Xu
November 4, 2014
China Announces Policies to Accelerate Development of Chinese Insurance Industry
Susan Munro and Amy Wang
July 15, 2014
Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect
A New Trial Program for Cross-Market Stock Investment
Hannah Cao, Susan Munro
April 18, 2014
The Decision of the Third Plenum of the 18th Central Committee of the CPC - A Turning Point for Reform
Susan Munro
February 2014, British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai's Yearbook
Party Pill for All Ills?
Susan Munro and Hannah Cao
January 2014, China Business Law Journal
CFIUS Report: Significant Increase In Scuttled Deals
Edward J. Krauland, Stewart A. Baker, Timothy M. Walsh, Peter Jeydel
January 8, 2014
Reform Initiatives Determined at the Third Plenum of the 18th Central Committee of the CPC
Susan Munro
November 27, 2013
Getting the Deal Through - Trade & Customs 2014: China
Eric Emerson and Henry Cao
September 9, 2013, Getting the Deal Through
Reform of China's Food Safety Regulatory System: Are You Ready?
Dr. Mitchell Cheeseman, Ying Huang
August 2013, Update Magazine
China Initiates Antidumping Investigation of Imports of Alloy-Steel Seamless Tubes and Pipes from the United States, European Union and Japan
Eric C. Emerson, Hui (Henry) Cao, Susan G. Esserman
May 10, 2013
Chinese Authorities Announce Reconfigured Food Safety Responsibilities
Dr. Mitchell Cheeseman, Ying Huang
April 10, 2013
China’s Antitrust Law After the 18th Party Congress
Ying Huang
February 2013, CPI Antitrust Chronicle
The First Ten Years of China’s Participation in the WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism
Pablo M. Bentes
Sep-Oct 2011, Bridges Review (ICTSD), Vol. 7, No. 3
China Proposed Regulations for Drinking Water Disinfection and Disinfectants - Comment Period Open until 15 August
Seth Goldberg, Ying Huang
August 4, 2011
Recent PRC Regulatory Developments in RMB Cross-Border Investments
Susan Munro
July 2011
Labor & Employment Developments
Hui (Henry) Cao, Susan Munro
July 8, 2011
New SAFE Circular 19: Encouraging Round-Trip Investments and Consolidating Regulation of In-bound and Out-bound Investments
Susan Munro
June 2011
Corporate Advisory: China Launches National Security Review System for Foreign Mergers & Acquisitions Involving Domestic Enterprises
Susan Munro
February 2011
Trans-Pacific Potential, and Pitfalls
Eric Emerson
November 27, 2010, The Wall Street Journal Asia
Steven J. Barber
September 2, 2010
International Law Advisory - BIS Amends List of Approved Validated End-Users for China and India
Edward J. Krauland
December 23, 2009
Obama's Section 421 Decision on Tires Lauded by U.S. Apparel Industry
Eric C. Emerson, Thomas J. Trendl
September 16, 2009, Apparel Industry Alert
Apparel Industry Alert - Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Case Filed Against Woven Ribbon from China
Eric C. Emerson, Thomas J. Trendl
July 15, 2009
Apparel Industry Alert - The End of Quotas: What Chinese Companies Can Do to Prepare for US Trade Actions
Eric C. Emerson, Ying Huang, Thomas J. Trendl
June 12, 2008
Customs Law Advisory - US Agreements with China May Mean More Scrutiny for Importers of Food, Drugs and Medical Devices
Gregory S. McCue
January 31, 2008
Proceed With Caution! Companies Must Understand And Heed Enhanced Export Compliance Requirements In Dealings With China
Meredith Rathbone
July 2007, International Government Contractor
International Law Advisory - New Export Control Rule for Exports to China Released by Commerce Department
Edward J. Krauland
June 22, 2007
International Law Advisory - BIS Proposes Revisions of Export Controls for the People’s Republic of China
Edward J. Krauland
July 5, 2006
The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: A Minefield for US Companies in China
November 2004, China Law & Practice, Vol. 18, No. 9
Co-Author, "China's Anti-Subsidy Regulations: The Latest Weapon in China's Trade Law Enforcement"
December/January 2002, China Law & Practice, Vol. 16, No. 10
Management Fraud in China
March/April 2001, China Business Review
China's Antidumping Laws
December 2000, Journal of World Trade, Vol. 34, No. 6
On Significance of Obtaining "Market Economy Status" and Its Forthcoming Impacts on Foreign Trade in China (co-author), LAW & SOC'Y, 2006

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