Resources for Energy

Liquidity and Transparency in Natural Gas Markets
Monique Watson, Marc L. Spitzer
July 5, 2017
Court Deals Blow to Use of Spot Market Prices to Set PURPA Avoided Cost
Jennifer L. Key, Richard L. Roberts
September 27, 2016
Article 24 Concerning International Agreements of the Swiss Federal Act on Energy Supply
Simon Hirsbrunner
Commentary on Energy Law
FERC Increases Civil Penalties for Oil Pipeline Operators
Steven H. Brose, Charles R. Mills, Daniel A. Mullen, Daniel J. Poynor, Steven Reed
August 2, 2016
Bankruptcy Advisory: What Can Oil Pipelines Do As Shipper Bankruptcy Risk Increases?
Filiberto Agusti, Caroline H.B. Gaudet, Steven Reed
April 4, 2016
FAST Act Includes NEPA Reforms for Pipelines, Other Infrastructure Projects
David H. Coburn, Cynthia L. Taub, Joshua Runyan
January 14, 2016
Getting Distributed Generation Right: A Response to "Does Disruptive Competition Mean a Death Spiral for Electric Utilities?"
David B. Raskin
November 2014, Energy Law Journal
Energy Support Schemes Buoyed By EU State Aid Decision
James H. Searles and Dr. Eike Helbig
November 4, 2014, Law360
Shale Revolution - Making US History
Marc L. Spitzer
January 17, 2014, Oil & Gas Monitor
Analysis of FERC Order No. 1000
David B. Raskin, Richard L. Roberts, Steven J. Ross
August 3, 2011