Iran Sanctions Resources for EU Regulatory Compliance

JCPOA Implementation Day Ushers in Extensive, but Still Risk-Fraught, Iran Sanctions Relief
Ed Krauland, Meredith Rathbone, Stephen Heifetz, Jack Hayes, Anthony Rapa, Alexis Early, Bibek Pandey, Maury Shenk, and Guy Soussan
January 21, 2016
Historic Accord to Contain Iran’s Nuclear Program: Significant but Complex Sanctions Relief
Ed Krauland, Anthony Rapa, Bibek Pandey, Jack Hayes, Stephen Heifetz, Meredith Rathbone, Alexis Early, Andy Irwin, Richard Battaglia, Maury Shenk, Jeffrey Cottle, Helen Aldridge, and Guy Soussan
July 20, 2015
UK Judgment Establishes Government’s Liability for Damages for Sanctioning Bank Mellat
Maury Shenk, Helen Aldridge, Ed Krauland, Anthony Rapa, Guy Soussan, and Meredith Rathbone
May 15, 2015
A Look at the 1st Damages Award Related to EU Sanctions
Guy Soussan and Dr. Eike Helbig
December 12, 2014, Law360
US and EU Extend Limited Iran Sanctions Relief
Edward Krauland, Meredith Rathbone, Richard Battaglia, Jeffrey Cottle, Guy Soussan, Maury Shenk, Alexandra Baj, Jack Hayes, Anthony Rapa, and Bibek Pandey
July 28, 2014
US and EU Implement Limited Relaxation of Economic Sanctions Against Iran
Edward J. Krauland, Meredith Rathbone, Richard J. Battaglia, Guy Soussan, Jeffrey W. Cottle, Maury Shenk, Jack R. Hayes, Anthony Rapa
January 22, 2014
EU General Court Annuls EU Sanctions Imposed Against Bank Saderat
Helen Aldridge, Edward J. Krauland, Anthony Rapa, Meredith Rathbone, Maury Shenk, Guy Soussan
February 21, 2013
New EU Sanctions Against Iran
Edward J. Krauland, Guy Soussan
November 17, 2010