International Law Advisory Resources for Export Control & EU Customs

Potential Changes to the EU Dual-Use Export Control Regime, Including Cybertechnology
Meredith Rathbone, Ed Krauland, Maury Shenk, Guy Soussan, and Daniella Terruso
September 13, 2016
BAE Systems Settles Civil Charges of ITAR Violations for $79 Million
Jack R. Hayes, Edward J. Krauland, Meredith Rathbone
May 24, 2011
EU Extends List of Parties Subject to Libya Sanctions
Edward J. Krauland, Guy Soussan
March 16, 2011
European Council Issues Libya Sanctions
Edward J. Krauland
March 4, 2011
Financial Sanctions Imposed on Libya
Jack R. Hayes, Edward J. Krauland, Meredith Rathbone
February 28, 2011
New EU Sanctions Against Iran
Edward J. Krauland, Guy Soussan
November 17, 2010
New European Sanctions on Iran Target Insurance, Oil and Gas Goods and Services
Edward J. Krauland, Guy Soussan
August 3, 2010
New US, UN, and European Sanctions on Iran
Eric C. Emerson, Jack R. Hayes, Edward J. Krauland, Anthony Rapa
June 28, 2010
International Law Advisory - BAE Systems plc Agreement Raises ITAR Part 130 Compliance Issues for International Defense/Arms Trade
Jack R. Hayes, Edward J. Krauland
March 10, 2010
International Law Advisory - U.S. Customs and Border Protection Issues New Penalty Guidelines For Violations of the Export Declaration Regulations
Edward J. Krauland, Gregory S. McCue
January 9, 2009
International Law Advisory - Congress Imposes New Export Control Requirements for Defense Contractors
Thomas P. Barletta, Edward J. Krauland
February 14, 2008
International Law Advisory - Belgium passes law expanding the definition of bribery and extraterritorial jurisdiction over acts of bribery committed outside Belgian territory
Lucinda A. Low, Jean Russotto
May 22, 2007
International Law Advisory - US Department of State Announces Partial Accommodation to Resolve ITAR Dual National Issues with Canada
Jack R. Hayes, Edward J. Krauland
May 8, 2007
International Law Advisory - Baker Hughes Agrees to Pay Record $44.1 Million To Resolve DoJ and SEC FCPA Enforcement Actions
Tom Best, Erik L. Kitchen, Edward J. Krauland, Lucinda A. Low
May 3, 2007