Resources for Corporate, Securities & Finance

The eIDAS Regulation: An Opportunity for Financial Services and Insurance?
Philip Woolfson
September 7, 2015
The European Commission’s Digital Single Market Strategy: What’s in It for Financial Services and Insurance?
Philip Woolfson, Jean Russotto, Guy Soussan, Stewart A. Baker, Jason M. Weinstein, Maury Shenk
May 15, 2015
Professional Secrecy Duties of Financial Supervisory Authorities Take Precedence Over Rights of Access to Documents
Philip Woolfson and Algirdas Semeta
February 20, 2015
Launch of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect and Related New Tax Regime
Hannah Cao, Susan Munro
November 18, 2014
What to Expect from the New European Commission 2014-2019
Philip Woolfson, Jean Russotto, Guy Soussan
October 31, 2014
Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect
A New Trial Program for Cross-Market Stock Investment
Hannah Cao, Susan Munro
April 18, 2014
Recent PRC Regulatory Developments in RMB Cross-Border Investments
Susan Munro
July 2011
Corporate Advisory: China Launches National Security Review System for Foreign Mergers & Acquisitions Involving Domestic Enterprises
Susan Munro
February 2011
Due Diligence in M&A Transactions: A Conceptual Framework
Jeffrey M. Weiner
June 17, 2010, Business Due Diligence Strategies, 2010 ed.
Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
Department of the Treasury
March 4, 2002, Federal Register