Resources for Customs

Court Addresses "Substantial Transformation" Standard for Country of Origin Under the Trade Agreements Act
Thomas P. Barletta, Paul R. Hurst, Gregory S. McCue
December 20, 2016
Getting the Deal Through - Trade & Customs 2014: China
Eric Emerson and Henry Cao
September 9, 2013, Getting the Deal Through
(Really) Red Ink: $45 Million Settlement on Ink Imports Highlights the Significance of Country of Origin Analysis
Gregory S. McCue
April 23, 2013
Exporters Should Review New Changes to AES Reporting Requirements
Edward J. Krauland, Gregory S. McCue
March 21, 2013
Getting the Deal Through: Trade and Customs 2013
China Chapter
Eric Emerson and Henry Cao
What Role Do You Play in Import Compliance? US Customs Overhauling “The Role of the Broker”
Gregory S. McCue
July 10, 2012
Label it or Lose it: US Customs Proposes Regulations to Block Imports of Consumer and Industrial Goods Lacking Proper Energy Labeling or Conservation Standards
Gregory S. McCue
April 30, 2012
Renewed MTB Means Opportunity for Exemption from Import Duties
Leslie A. Belcher, Gregory S. McCue
April 5, 2012
International Law Advisory - U.S. Customs and Border Protection Issues New Penalty Guidelines For Violations of the Export Declaration Regulations
Edward J. Krauland, Gregory S. McCue
January 9, 2009
International Law Advisory - Nigeria Amends Customs Valuation Law to Conform with GATT
Lucinda A. Low
October 7, 2008
Customs Law Advisory - One Hundred Percent Scanning of Import Containers Now Required by US Law
Gregory S. McCue
August 31, 2007
International Law Advisory - World Bank Implements Voluntary Disclosure Program for Corrupt Practices in Bank-Financed Contracts
Lucinda A. Low
August 25, 2006
International Law Advisory - Enforcement Agencies Invoke the FCPA in Iraq and a Major Securities Fraud Settlement in the Tyco Case; Voluntary Disclosures Continue
Erik L. Kitchen, Edward J. Krauland
June 30, 2006