Daily Tax Update - January 14, 2015: Ireland Launches Public Consultation for New IP Corporate Tax Incentive

Ireland Launches Public Consultation for New IP Corporate Tax Incentive:  Today, Ireland’s Department of Finance announced the launch of a public consultation regarding its “knowledge development box” (KDB) corporate tax incentive.  Last October, Ireland announced its intention to modify its company tax-residence rules so as to phase out the benefits of the “double Irish” tax structure and simultaneously announced its intention to provide tax incentives for the development of intellectual property in Ireland through the KDB.  Today’s announcement states that the KDB will “be in line with” the modified nexus approach to demonstrating a substantive connection between Ireland and IP that will receive tax benefits.  The modified nexus approach is currently under discussion as part of the OECD’s BEPS project.  The consultation calls for public comment on seven listed questions concerning the scope and administration of the KDB and its interaction with other provisions of Irish corporate tax law.  The public consultation will last until April 8, 2015.