Daily Tax Update - June 26, 2013: National Taxpayer Advocate Releases Mid-Year Report

National Taxpayer Advocate Releases Mid-Year Report:  National Taxpayer Advocate Nina E. Olson today released her mid-year report to Congress that identifies the priority issues the Taxpayer Advocate Service will address during the upcoming fiscal year.  The report expresses concern about the impact of budget cuts on the IRS’s ability to meet taxpayer needs, issues surrounding refunds to victims of tax return preparer fraud, and shortcomings in IRS procedures for assisting victims of tax-related identity theft.  The report can be accessed here.

Other Guidance Issued Today:
Notice 2013-41 provides guidance on whether or when, for purposes of the premium tax credit under § 36B of the Internal Revenue Code, an individual is eligible for minimum essential coverage under the Medicaid, Medicare, or TRICARE government-sponsored health programs or under a student health plan or state high risk pool.

Notice 2013-42 provides relief from the § 5000A shared responsibility payment for specified individuals who are eligible to enroll in certain eligible employer-sponsored health plans with a plan year other than a calendar year (non-calendar year plans) if the plan year begins in 2013 and ends in 2014.