Daily Tax Update - September 10, 2013: Camp Discusses Prospects for Tax Reform

Camp Discusses Prospects for Tax Reform:  Yesterday, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp said that he intends to meet with committee members in the next few days.  Camp also said that he anticipates a markup this year.  Camp said, “It's a very compressed schedule this fall.  We're going to be very busy this fall.”  Camp said that members should “be prepared for a very busy two weeks.”  Camp added, “I would anticipate something will happen over the next couple of weeks.”

At the national tax reform tour stop yesterday in Memphis, Camp and Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus said, “Plain and simple, the tax code is broken.  Fixing it is the best way to spark long-term growth in our economy, create good-paying jobs, and make families’ lives easier.  Whether it’s a chat over coffee in a family’s kitchen or a meeting with business leaders and their employees, we’re hearing the same thing:  the American people want a new tax code that’s fair and simple.  That’s what tax reform is about.”