Daily Tax Update - November 13, 2013: Camp Suggests Tax Reform May be Delayed

CAMP SUGGESTS TAX REFORM MAY BE DELAYED:  House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp suggested today that tax reform may be delayed.  However, Camp said that he would still like to mark up a bill this year if time permits.  Camp said that the three-week government shutdown affected the legislative schedule.  Camp said,  “That was three weeks I'd like to have back. So we have to adjust given changing circumstances, but I have very much wanted to stick to that -- certainly to have the bill ready and to be able to move forward this year if we can."  Camp did not specify what his strategy might be for moving a bill, including limiting amendments.  Camp said, "Well, I'm considering a lot about amendments, but not ready to say specifically what strategy I'm going to adopt on that."

Camp also said that he will be meeting with House leaders tomorrow.  Camp said, “They have every right to have me talk to them about not only the substance of the bill but timing and strategy. Things do change around here, and I think you have to look at the timing, the circumstances you're in. I think that's part of what we're going to do."