Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast - Interview with Dan Novack

March 17, 2014

In our eleventh episode of the Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast, Stewart Baker, Markham Erickson, Daniella Terruso, and Michael Vatis discuss:

  • This week in NSA: The EFF overrides one of the privacy protections in NSA’s metadata program by killing the 5-year retention limit; what is the New York Times story on “raw take” about?; will the NSA and the telcos will end up going “Dutch,” as in Ruppersberger; and Stewart brags about the results in his latest debate over Edward Snowden, who is starting to wear out his welcome with Americans.
  • Other fallout from the NSA leaks: Commerce announced its willingness to give up an oversight role for ICANN; members of the European Parliament start work on a data protection that they can’t finish before elections.
  • The legal claims in the SSCI-CIA brouhaha.
  • The Silverpop case and how it may be harder to win a hacker-breach negligence case than some of us thought.
  • This week in the Target breach case: Did Target miss a chance to stop the exploit?
  • Privacy groups want to block the Whatsapp deal on privacy grounds.
  • Additional stories:  the public’s first good look at Russia’s cyberespionage tools; Google starts encrypting search in China; Leon Panetta invokes “cyber Pearl Harbor;” and it turns out we could lose power for 18 months if a handful of substations are successfully attacked.

In our second half we have an interview with Dan Novack, a former big-firm litigator now serving as legal analyst at First Look, the Greenwald/Omidyar news service.

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