Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast - Interview with Shaun Waterman

October 15, 2014

In our thirty-eighth episode of the Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast, Stewart Baker, Jason Weinstein, and Michael Vatis are joined by Shaun Waterman, editor of POLITICO Pro Cybersecurity, in a discussion of:  

  • This week in NSA:  NSA has released its second privacy transparency report; a review of Laura Poitras’s Edward Snowden documentary, 'Citizenfour;’ more fall-out from Clapper; Judge Pauley declares he has lost confidence in the Justice Department’s representations about the risks of releasing FISA opinions
  • Twitter claims a first amendment right to list the orders it has not (yet) received under national security surveillance laws
  • The government’s authority to issue gag orders in national security letters is argued before the Ninth Circuit
  • Europol is raising the possibility that the internet might be used to kill people and the FDA is issuing cybersecurity guidelines for manufacturers
  • Australian government is enacting surveillance reforms that increase government authority to conduct national security intercepts
  • The European Commission and Japan rule on the right to be forgotten
  • Controversy over Ross Ulbricht and how the FBI managed to captcha him
  • Judicial Opinion out of the Ninth Circuit on a Navy investigator who conducted “surveillance of all the civilian computers in an entire state”
  • FCC charges the Marriott for blocking Wi-Fi

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