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State Legislation and Regulation Resources for Information Technology/Software

Pennsylvania S.B. 712, Relating to notification of security breaches
December 22, 2005
Ohio Sub. H.B. 104, relating to notification of security breaches
House of Representatives
November 17, 2005
North Carolina S.B. 1048, the "Identity Theft Prevention Act"
September 21, 2005
Alaska S.B. 140, relating to computers, computer communications, and the Internet
September 1, 2005
California S.B. 355, the "Anti-Phishing Act of 2005"
August 30, 2005
New York S.B. 3254, relating to information security breach and notification
State of New York Legislature
August 9, 2005
Rhode Island H.B. 6191, the "Rhode Island Identity Theft Protection Act of 2005"
The State of Rhode Island Legislature
July 10, 2005
Delaware H.B. 116, Relating to computer security breaches
The State of Delaware Legislature
June 28, 2005
Louisiana S.B. 205, Relating to security breaches
The State of Louisiana Legislature
June 23, 2005
New Jersey A.B. 4001, the "Identity Theft Prevention Act"
State of New Jersey Legislature
June 20, 2005
Texas S.B. 122, Relating to the prevention and punishment of identity theft and the rights of certain victims of identity theft
State of Texas Legislature
June 17, 2005
Maine L.D. 1671, "An Act to Protect Maine Citizens from Identity Theft"
State of Maine Legislature
June 10, 2005
Tennessee S.B. 2220, Relating to the release of personal consumer information
State of Tennessee Legislature
June 7, 2005
Minnesota H.F. 2121, Relating to security breach of personal information
State of Minnesota Legislature
June 2, 2005
Nevada S.B. 347, Relating to personal identifying information
State of Nevada Legislature
June 2, 2005
Connecticut S.B. 650, Relating to security breaches
State of Connecticut Legislature
May 31, 2005
New York City Int. No. 141-A, relating to notification to consumers of a security breach of personal information
May 19, 2005
Illinois H.B. 1633, the "Personal Information Protection Act"
State of Illinois Legislature
May 16, 2005
North Dakota S.B. 2251, relating to security breaches
State of North Dakota
May 11, 2005
Washington H.B. 1888, relating to electronic mail fraud
State of Washington Legislature
May 10, 2005
Washington S.B. 6043, relating to security breaches
State of Washington Legislature
May 10, 2005
New Jersey S.B. 494, requiring that State contracts or subcontracts be performed in the United States
State of New Jersey Legislature
May 5, 2005
Florida H.B. 481, relating to unlawful use of personal identification information
State of Florida Legislature
May 3, 2005
Montana H.B. 732, Relating to security breaches
State of Montana Legislature
April 28, 2005
Arizona S.B. 1058, Relating to identification theft
State of Arizona Legislature
April 25, 2005
Arizona SB 2470, Relating to confidentiality of social security numbers
State of Arizona Legislature
April 25, 2005
Arkansas Act 1526, the "Personal Information Protection Act"
State of Arkansas Legislature
April 4, 2005
Georgia S.B. 230, customer notice for security breaches
State of Georgia Legislature
March 31, 2005
North Dakota H.B. 1091, relating to State procurement rules
State of North Dakota Legislature
March 30, 2005
Ohio S.B. 89, relating to security breaches
March 5, 2005
Arizona SB 1447, Relating to Internet representations
March 1, 2005
New Mexico SB 720, Relating to phishing
March 1, 2005
Texas Senate Bill 327, Relating to spyware
February 7, 2005
Virginia HB 2631, Relating to phishing
February 3, 2005
New York Assembly Bill 549, Relating to spyware
January 13, 2005
Ohio H.B. 383, relating to SPAM
House of Representatives
November 30, 2004
California Senate Bill 1436, Relating to computer spyware
August 26, 2004
California Senate Bill 1451, relating to privacy
August 23, 2004
California Senate Bill 1457, Relating to commercial e-mail advertisements
August 5, 2004
California Senate Bill 1841, Relating to electronic monitoring of employees
August 4, 2004
California Senate Bill 1822, relating to privacy
July 23, 2004
North Carolina H.B. 1414, Including State Procurement Preferences
House of Representatives
July 20, 2004
California Senate Bill 1834, relating to radio frequency identification systems
June 14, 2004
Maryland Senate Bill 604, the "Maryland Spam Deterrence Act"
May 26, 2004
California Assembly Bill 1950, relating to privacy
House of Representatives
May 25, 2004
Florida Senate Bill 2574, the "Electronic Mail Communications Act"
May 25, 2004
Tennesee H.B. 2334 (Amendment 1), relating to State procurement policies
House of Representatives
May 20, 2004
Section 631, California Penal Code
May 14, 2004
New Jersey Senate, No. 1037, the "New Jersey Can Spam Act"
March 8, 2004
California Assembly Bill 68, the "Online Privacy Protection Act of 2003"
House of Representatives
October 11, 2003
Recommended Practices on Notification of Security Breach Involving Personal Information, Office of Privacy Protection, California Department of Consumer Affairs, October 10, 2003
Office of Privacy Protection
October 10, 2003
California Senate Bill 186, Relating to unsolicited commercial e-mail advertising
September 23, 2003
California Senate Bill 27, Relating to personal information
September 23, 2003
Staff Briefing Papers in the Matter of the Complaint of the Minnesota Department of Commerce Against Vonage Holding Corp. Regarding Lack of Authority to Operate in Minnesota, Minnesota Public Utilities Commission
Minnesota Department of Commerce
August 13, 2003
Decision of the State of Maine Public Utility Commission in Docket No. 2000-849
State of Maine
April 30, 2003
California Senate Bill No. 12
State of California
December 2, 2002
California SB 1386, relating to personal information
September 25, 2002
California Assembly Bill 1814 An act to add Chapter 22 (commencing with Section 22520) to Division 8 of the Business and Professions Code, relating to Internet service providers
State of California
August 30, 2002
California Senate Bill 772 An act to add Section 17538.35 to the Business and Professions Code, relating to electronic mail
State of California
August 26, 2002
S.F. 2908, A Bill for an Act Relating to Data Privacy; Regulating Electronic Mail Solicitations; Protecting Privacy of Internet Consumers; Regulating Use of Information about Internet Users
March 26, 2002
Pennsylvania House Bill No. 1333, Requiring Internet Service Providers to Remove or Disable Access to Child Pornography Sites on the Internet
State of Pennsylvania
February 21, 2002
Pennsylvania H.B. 1333, requiring Internet Service Providers to remove or disable access to child pornography sites on the Internet
State of Pennsylvania
January 28, 2002
Opinion Letter from the California Legislative Counsel's Office to State Assemblyman Carl Washington
State of California
January 14, 2002