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Reinsurance Update
John L. Jacobus, Jon T. Neumann, Harry Lee, Sarah D. Gordon, Angus Rodger, Michael Wharfe, Philip Woolfson, Guy Soussan, Susan Munro, Leah M. Quadrino
October 2016
Reinsurance Update
John L. Jacobus, Jon T. Neumann, Harry Lee, Sarah D. Gordon, Angus Rodger, Michael Wharfe, Philip Woolfson, Guy Soussan, Susan Munro, Leah M. Quadrino
March 2016
Tenth Circuit Finds Excess Insurers Do Not “Drop Down” Upon the Insolvency of a Primary Insurer
Insurance Law Advisory, Issue 151
Harry Lee, Alexandra Zottola
December 11, 2015
Nebraska Supreme Court Finds No Coverage Based on Breach of Notice and Voluntary Payment Provisions – Prejudice Presumed and Prior Denial of Similar Claim Did Not Excuse Late Notice as to Subsequent Claim
Insurance Law Advisory, Issue 150
Mary ("Molly") Woodson Poag, Conor P. Brady
September 18, 2015
10th Circuit Affirms Contractual Limits to Excess Carrier’s Obligations Prior to Exhaustion of Primary Layer
Insurance Law Advisory, Issue 149
John R. Casciano, Jeremy B. Glen
September 10, 2015
Fifth Circuit Strictly Applies Claim Requirements Under National Flood Insurance Program
Insurance Law Advisory, Issue 148
John O'Connor, Jessica I. Rothschild
September 1, 2015
Legal Ease: Plain Talk on Legal Topics - Don't Ignore That Noise Under the Hood
ACA Focuses New Attention on the Full-Time Employee vs. Contractor Debate
Scott A. Sinder, Eva Rigamonti
September 2015, Leader's Edge
Ninth Circuit Recognizes Limitations on Use of Extrinsic Evidence in Duty to Defend Determinations
Insurance Law Advisory, Issue 147
Mary ("Molly") Woodson Poag, Nina S. Thanawala
August 27, 2015
Tenth Circuit Addresses the Duty to Defend
Insurance Law Advisory, Issue 146
Harry Lee, Andrew J. Sloniewsky
August 13, 2015
Texas Court Concludes That Insurer Need Not Show Prejudice to Deny Coverage Where Policyholder Provided Late Notice Under Claims Made Policy
Insurance Law Advisory, Issue 145
Sarah D. Gordon, Brett Grindrod
August 11, 2015
Broker Ruled Safe from Claim for Injuries Suffered at Baseball Game
Insurance Law Advisory, Issue 144
John O'Connor, Jason D. Sanders
July 27, 2015
Federal Court Refuses to “Revolutionize” New York Insurance Law and Rejects Insured’s Argument That Routine Enforcement of Insurance Policy Consent Provisions Under New York Law Should be Abandoned
Insurance Law Advisory, Issue 143
John R. Casciano, Nina S. Thanawala
July 21, 2015
Fourth Circuit Enforces Restrictions in Additional Insured Endorsement
Insurance Law Advisory, Issue 142
Mary ("Molly") Woodson Poag
July 9, 2015
Eighth Circuit Affirms Insurer Did Not Act in Bad Faith by Declining Early Settlement Offer and Attempting to Reach Global Settlement
Insurance Law Advisory, Issue 141
Sarah D. Gordon, Conor P. Brady
June 29, 2015
California Federal Court Finds No Duty to Defend a TCPA Claim Where Policy Excludes Invasion of Privacy Claims
Insurance Law Advisory, Issue 140
Brett Grindrod, Leah M. Quadrino
June 3, 2015
Fifth Circuit Holds that “Expenses" Includes Legal Costs under Texas Law
Insurance Law Advisory, Issue 139
Sarah D. Gordon
May 12, 2015
Courts Uphold Provisions Requiring Suit within One Year of Inception of Loss
Insurance Law Advisory, Issue 138
Mary ("Molly") Woodson Poag, Andrew J. Sloniewsky
May 11, 2015
DC Circuit Enforces Known Risk Exclusion for Claims-Made Policy Under DC Law
Insurance Law Advisory, Issue 137
John O'Connor, Jeremy B. Glen
April 30, 2015
Indiana Appellate Court Upholds Known Loss Doctrine and Finds Insured’s Self-Serving Affidavit Does Not Defeat Summary Judgment
Insurance Law Advisory, Issue 136
Mary ("Molly") Woodson Poag
April 17, 2015
Eighth Circuit Holds That Exclusion Bars Coverage For Suit Alleging Trademark Infringement
Insurance Law Advisory, Issue 135
John R. Casciano, Jessica I. Rothschild
April 14, 2015
Illinois Appeals Court Finds that Prior Knowledge Exclusion Bars Coverage for Malpractice Claims Arising from Drafting Error
Insurance Law Advisory, Issue 134
Jon T. Neumann, Catherine D. Cockerham
April 13, 2015
Eighth Circuit Holds That Intentional Injury Exclusion Relieved Insurer From Defending Insured Against Defamation Claims
Insurance Law Advisory, Issue 133
Harry Lee, Jason D. Sanders
April 1, 2015
Arizona Supreme Court: No Premium Quote Needed to “Offer” UIM Coverage
Insurance Law Advisory, Issue 132
Erin E. Bradham
March 24, 2015
Illinois Federal Court Finds Insurer Had No Duty to Defend Trademark Infringement Claims and Policyholder’s Notice Was Untimely
Insurance Law Advisory, Issue 131
Leah M. Quadrino, Conor P. Brady
March 23, 2015
Texas Court of Appeals Finds For Insurer Based on “Business Risk Exclusion” and Failure to Segregate Covered and Non-covered Damage
Insurance Law Advisory, Issue 130
John O'Connor, Erin E. Bradham
March 16, 2015
Federal Court Holds Radionuclides and Bacteria in Drinking Water Are Pollutants as a Matter of Law, Falling Unambiguously Within Pollution Exclusions
Insurance Law Advisory, Issue 129
Sarah D. Gordon
March 13, 2015
Two Supreme Court Rulings Limit Applicability of Notice-Prejudice Rule
Insurance Law Advisory, Issue 128
Mary ("Molly") Woodson Poag
March 2, 2015
New Jersey Supreme Court Holds That Insurers Can Rely on Unpublished Opinions in Forming Business Decisions And Reiterates “Fairly Debatable” Bad Faith Standard
Insurance Law Advisory, Issue 127
John R. Casciano, Brett Grindrod
February 20, 2015
Oregon Federal Court Considers Pre-Tender Defense Costs and Cost-Sharing Agreements
Insurance Law Advisory, Issue 126
Harry Lee, Andrew J. Sloniewsky
February 11, 2015
New Arizona Court of Appeals Decision: Insurer Only Waives Privilege If It Affirmatively Asserts It Acted in Good Faith Because It Relied on Counsel’s Advice
Insurance Law Advisory, Issue 125
Erin E. Bradham, Jason D. Sanders
February 3, 2015
Fifth Circuit Holds Liability Coverage for Claimed Violations of “Person’s Right of Privacy” Does Not Extend to Lawsuit Brought by Business
Insurance Coverage Advisory, Issue 124
Jon T. Neumann
February 2, 2015
Eighth Circuit Enforces Notice Requirement for Claims Made Policy Under Missouri Law
Insurance Coverage Advisory, Issue 123
John O'Connor, Jeremy B. Glen
January 22, 2015
Wisconsin Supreme Court Issues Two Rulings Finding Manure and Septage to be “Pollutants”
Insurance Coverage Advisory, Issue 122
Mary ("Molly") Woodson Poag
January 12, 2015
Fast Action by Congress Reauthorizes TRIA and Creates NARAB (Finally…)
Special Edition Insurance Coverage Advisory, Issue 121
Scott A. Sinder, John P. Fielding
January 9, 2015
New York Appellate Division Applies Unambiguous Policy Language to Limit Coverage Under Additional Insured Endorsement
Insurance Coverage Advisory, Issue 120
John R. Casciano
December 23, 2014
Whither TRIA?
Special Edition Insurance Coverage Advisory, Issue 119
Scott A. Sinder, John P. Fielding
December 18, 2014
Louisiana Federal District Court Finds that Insurer Did Not Waive Coverage Defenses
Insurance Coverage Advisory, Issue 118
Catherine D. Cockerham
December 15, 2014
Maryland District Court Finds No Duty to Defend Pursuant to Interrelated Wrongful Acts Provision
Insurance Coverage Advisory, Issue 117
Leah M. Quadrino, Jessica I. Rothschild
November 21, 2014
Seventh Circuit Addresses Applicability of Domestic Law to Foreign Sovereign Reinsurer
Insurance Coverage Advisory, Issue 116
John O'Connor
November 14, 2014
Illinois District Court Grants Insurer’s Summary Judgment Motion in D&O Liability Declaratory Judgment Action
Insurance Coverage Advisory, Issue 115
John R. Casciano
November 10, 2014
Court Grants Summary Judgment for Insurer Because Policyholder Was Not “Legally Obligated” to Pay for Mold Remediation
Insurance Coverage Advisory, Issue 114
Harry Lee, Erin E. Bradham
November 7, 2014
Fifth Circuit Affirms Holding Denying Coverage for Property Damage to Land Subject to a Mineral Lease Because Mineral Lessee, the Policyholder, “Owned, Rented, or Occupied” the Land
Insurance Coverage Advisory, Issue 113
October 24, 2014
Fifth Circuit Permits Excess Carrier’s Bad Faith Claim Against Primary Insurer for Allegedly Increased Settlement Liability
Insurance Coverage Advisory, Issue 112
Jon T. Neumann, Jeremy B. Glen
October 17, 2014
California Federal Court Finds No Duty to Defend and No Continuing Duty to Investigate
Insurance Coverage Advisory, Issue 111
Mary ("Molly") Woodson Poag
October 14, 2014
New Jersey Appeals Court Addresses Duty to Defend, Certificates of Insurance
Insurance Coverage Advisory, Issue 110
John O'Connor, Andrew J. Sloniewsky
October 6, 2014
Tennessee Federal District Court Finds That Policyholders Failed to Plead Bad Faith Claim Under Iqbal and Twombly
Insurance Coverage Advisory, Issue 109
Harry Lee, Catherine D. Cockerham
September 29, 2014
Missouri Federal District Court Enforces Forum Selection Clause
Insurance Coverage Advisory, Issue 108
John R. Casciano, Sarah D. Gordon
September 17, 2014
Southern District of New York Dismisses Co-Insurer’s Contribution Claim Where Defendants’ Policy Clearly Applied Only in Excess of the Settlement Amount
Insurance Coverage Advisory, Issue 107
Leah M. Quadrino
September 10, 2014
Federal Court Applies Pollution Exclusion to Claims Under Personal Injury Coverage
Insurance Coverage Advisory, Issue 106
John R. Casciano
September 3, 2014
New York Court Rules That Defense Costs Are Included Within Reinsurance Certificates’ Limits of Liability
Insurance Coverage Advisory, Issue 105
Jon T. Neumann
August 25, 2014
Connecticut Federal District Court Finds Negligent Misrepresentation Claim Does Not Trigger Duty to Defend
Insurance Coverage Advisory, Issue 104
Mary ("Molly") Woodson Poag
August 18, 2014
Federal District Court Finds No Coverage for Underlying $7 Million Legal Malpractice Claim Where Insured Made a Material Misrepresentation in its Policy Application
Insurance Coverage Advisory, Issue 103
John O'Connor
August 11, 2014
China Announces Policies to Accelerate Development of Chinese Insurance Industry
Susan Munro and Amy Wang
July 15, 2014
Seventh Circuit Finds Excess Insurer Did Not Violate Duty to Settle or Duty to Alert its Insureds to Conflicts of Interest
Insurance Coverage Advisory, Issue 101
Jon T. Neumann, Erin E. Bradham
July 14, 2014
Fifth Circuit Affirms That Coverage-Adding Endorsement Does Not Negate Pollution Exclusion in General Liability Policy
Insurance Coverage Advisory, Issue 100
John O'Connor
July 7, 2014
California Supreme Court Clarifies Commercial Disparagement Claims and Rules Insurer Has No Duty to Defend Where Complaint Does Not Allege Policyholder Specifically Disparaged Competitor’s Product
Insurance Coverage Advisory, Issue 99
June 26, 2014
California Appellate Court Affirms Damages Resulting from Faulty Construction Not “Property Damage”
Insurance Coverage Advisory, Issue 98
Mary ("Molly") Woodson Poag, Jeremy B. Glen
June 23, 2014
California Supreme Court Clarifies Specificity Requirement for Disparagement Claims Under Advertising Injury Insurance
Insurance Coverage Advisory, Issue 97
June 16, 2014
New European Sanctions on Iran Target Insurance, Oil and Gas Goods and Services
Edward J. Krauland, Guy Soussan
August 3, 2010
New US, UN, and European Sanctions on Iran
Eric C. Emerson, Jack R. Hayes, Edward J. Krauland, Anthony Rapa
June 28, 2010
EU Competition Briefing - Inquiry Reveals Complexity of Insurance Sector
Guy Soussan, Philip Woolfson
February 2007
International Law Advisory - UK Parliament Passes Anti-Bribery Reform Law
Tom Best, Edward J. Krauland, Lucinda A. Low