International Law Advisory Resources for China

President Trump Decertifies Iran Deal, Outlines New Approach
Ed Krauland, Brian Egan, Anthony Rapa, John London, and Evan Abrams
October 16, 2017
PRC Promulgates New Legal Interpretations for Criminal Cases Involving Bribery and Corruption
Susan Munro, Richard Wagner, and Lin Yang
May 12, 2016
CFIUS Past and Present: 2014 Report Coincides with High-Profile 2016 Chinese Acquisitions
Stewart A. Baker, Stephen Heifetz, Edward J. Krauland, Timothy M. Walsh, Alexis J. Early, and Kaitlin A. Cassel
March 2, 2016
Are You Ready For Visits From Chinese State Authorities?
Growing Relevance Of PRC Criminal Law And Practice To Foreign Investor Operations
Richard K. Wagner, Lucinda A. Low, Susan Munro, and Lin Yang
October 26, 2015
Draft Amendments to Chinese Criminal Law Upgrade Bribery and Privacy Provisions
Susan Munro, Lucinda Low, Bo Yue, and Yongli Xu
November 18, 2014
Launch of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect and Related New Tax Regime
Hannah Cao, Susan Munro
November 18, 2014
China Supreme People’s Procuratorate Strengthens Protection for Whistleblowers
Susan Munro, Lucinda Low, Bo Yue, and Yongli Xu
November 4, 2014
CFIUS Report: Significant Increase In Scuttled Deals
Edward J. Krauland, Stewart A. Baker, Timothy M. Walsh, Peter Jeydel
January 8, 2014
Reform Initiatives Determined at the Third Plenum of the 18th Central Committee of the CPC
Susan Munro
November 27, 2013
Getting the Deal Through - Trade & Customs 2014: China
Eric Emerson and Henry Cao
September 9, 2013, Getting the Deal Through
China Initiates Antidumping Investigation of Imports of Alloy-Steel Seamless Tubes and Pipes from the United States, European Union and Japan
Eric C. Emerson, Hui (Henry) Cao, Susan G. Esserman
May 10, 2013
Recent PRC Regulatory Developments in RMB Cross-Border Investments
Susan Munro
July 2011
Labor & Employment Developments
Hui (Henry) Cao, Susan Munro
July 8, 2011
New SAFE Circular 19: Encouraging Round-Trip Investments and Consolidating Regulation of In-bound and Out-bound Investments
Susan Munro
June 2011
Corporate Advisory: China Launches National Security Review System for Foreign Mergers & Acquisitions Involving Domestic Enterprises
Susan Munro
February 2011
Trans-Pacific Potential, and Pitfalls
Eric Emerson
November 27, 2010, The Wall Street Journal Asia
International Law Advisory - New Export Control Rule for Exports to China Released by Commerce Department
Edward J. Krauland
June 22, 2007