Now more than ever, companies of all sizes, in all industries, need to be concerned about data privacy and security.  Data breaches can have a devastating impact on your company’s revenues, not to mention its reputation.  And the true financial impact of a breach includes not just the expense of responding to the incident, but also the costs of defending the company in litigation and investigations by state, federal, and possibly foreign regulators.

Steptoe works to protect companies both before and after a data breach – from conducting pre-breach privacy and security assessments, to conducting tabletop exercises and breach simulations, to coordinating crisis management and incident response, to advising on breach notification, to defending companies in litigation and regulatory proceedings.

This toolkit is a resource to help companies evaluate their level of preparation for a breach.  And for companies that are experiencing a breach, the toolkit will provide useful guidance on incident response and a reference on breach notification laws.

Data Breach Toolkit

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