Version 2.0

Supply chain risk management has become a key element of compliance programs for government contractors. They are facing increased demands to police their supply chains to address many risks, such as counterfeit parts, cyber threats, human trafficking, and business ethics. Their supply chains also must comply with domestic preferences and socio-economic goals, while at the same time, offer goods and services at competitive prices.

The consequences of a failed risk management program could be severe. Supply chain risks could result in business disruptions, the incurrence of unanticipated costs for corrective actions, and even exclusions from government contracting.

Steptoe works with clients to navigate regulatory requirements on supply chain and to develop risk management programs. Steptoe also assists companies in responding to allegations that they failed to effectively police their supply chain.

This toolkit, updated in December 2016, is a resource in evaluating certain key supply chain risks. As a toolkit, it does not address every supply chain requirement or risk, but Steptoe can assist in developing effective programs to address these and other supply chain risks, depending on the client’s goals, suppliers, and business line.

For more information, Steptoe’s supply chain points of contact for government contractors are Paul Hurst, Tom Barletta, Kendall Enyard, Michael Mutek, Mike Navarre, and Fred Geldon or please visit Steptoe’s Government Contracts Group website.

Steptoe & Johnson LLP:  The Government Contractor Supply Chain Toolkit 2.0 (PDF)