Ad Exchanger Quotes Pantelis Michalopoulos on FCC’s Privacy Regulations

November 3, 2016

Ad Exchanger quoted Pantelis Michalopoulos in a November 2 article titled “Will the FCC’s Privacy Regs Actually Change the Status Quo on Consent?”  The article discusses the FCC's new privacy rules.  Under these rules, Internet service providers (ISPs) will have to obtain individual consent to use data drawn from a subscriber’s activity, such as web browsing, app usage or location information.

Mr. Michalopoulos says that ISPs have not traditionally been significant players in the online advertising sphere.  “As [ISPs] increasingly enter into that business, consumers will have a somewhat more affirmative say in the manner in which their information is collected, used and shared.  The value of that additional say is unclear.”

The full article can be read at Ad Exchanger.