Politico Quotes Hunter Johnston on Clean Energy Backers After Trump Win

November 17, 2016

Politico quoted partner Hunter Johnston in an article titled “Clean Energy Backers Seek to Defend Gains After Trump Win.”  The article, published November 11, discusses the worry of clean energy advocates, once confident of the nation's trajectory toward decarbonization, that President-elect Donald Trump and embolden Republican majorities in Congress will undo tax incentives and regulations that have propelled the industry’s rapid growth.

Mr. Johnston says:  "The present PTC/ITC is, and frankly all tax expenditures are, vulnerable in a tax reform world.  I think that the wind and solar industry would have to be very careful, make sure that their advocates are protecting what they have, and it is difficult to see additional tax expenditures being approved to enhance those products at this point."

The full article can be read at Politico (subscription required).