WorldECR Quotes Meredith Rathbone on Cuba Embargo

November 22, 2017

WorldECR quoted Steptoe London partner Meredith Rathbone in an article titled “US Votes Against Lifting Cuba Embargo.” The article, published in the November 2017 issue, discusses how on November 1, the United Nations General Assembly adopted its resolution on ending the US embargo against Cuba. The United States voted against the resolution, and published regulations implementing President Trump’s new approach to the Caribbean island – narrowing or closing down his predecessor’s rapprochement.

Ms. Rathbone tells WorldECR that President Trump’s policy announcement on June 16 had placed companies interested in Cuba in a state of limbo. “What we had seen is that for some clients [the policy announcement] had elicited something of an internal debate – especially where they’ve had a potential deal on the horizon,” she says.

The full article can be read at WorldECR.