Trademark Prosecution

A company’s brand is often its most valuable asset and requires thoughtful and strategic protection to ensure its integrity. Steptoe attorneys understand the importance of protecting a brand through registering trademarks and actively help clients find cost-effective ways to protect and grow their IP assets, particularly as their business expands into new product lines, marketplaces, or services. Our team of trademark attorneys is skilled in the US trademark registration process and works with an elite network of international counsel to successfully register trademarks around the globe.

Simply applying for a trademark isn’t enough; our attorneys work with clients from the outset of the prosecution process, formulating and implementing comprehensive branding strategies that will align with their particular business model and practices. Once trademarks have been identified, our attorneys determine the strength of each mark and advise on recommended markets in which to file applications. Our team is well versed in managing a comprehensive worldwide trademark filing process from writing strong trademark applications to overcoming refusals. Following registration, we continue working with clients to maintain registrations for the life of the brand, ensuring that registrations are renewed in a timely manner and advising on any use of the marks that is necessary for maintenance.

Steptoe provides a proactive approach to managing clients’ trademark portfolios and executing brand strategies. Our attorneys not only register and protect our clients’ trademarks, but strive to help develop and expand clients’ brands to meet their evolving business needs.