Areas of Practice
  • Case Western Reserve University, M.A., 1974
  • Case Western Reserve University, B.A., 1973

Richard Shilts

Senior Policy Advisor
1330 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington DC 20036
TEL: +1 202 429 6201
FAX: +1 202 429 3902

Richard Shilts brings four decades of experience working at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), including serving nine years as the director of the Division of Market Oversight.  He has extensive experience related to the regulatory, statutory, oversight, and compliance policies and issues governing derivatives trading involving commodities, agriculture and energy products, financial products, and other nontraditional instruments.

In his position as director of the CFTC Division of Market Oversight, Mr. Shilts played a significant role in the implementation of Dodd-Frank and served as a key policy advisor in addressing regulatory and compliance issues involving derivatives trading.  He was also responsible for the CFTC’s oversight of derivatives exchanges and surveillance of trading activity for commodity futures and swap markets in the United States.  Additionally, Mr. Shilts has experience in the approval of new derivatives exchanges and swap data repositories, reviews of product and rule filings, examinations of exchanges for compliance of regulatory requirements, and the development of rules and policies related to derivatives trading and reporting.

While at the CFTC, Mr. Shilts directed the preparation of proposed and final rules to implement Dodd-Frank mandates to derivatives trading.  He is considered an industry thought leader and regularly appears on industry panels, CFTC roundtables, and public meetings related to CFTC oversight, and Dodd-Frank implementation.