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Construction Mediation

Steptoe’s construction mediation practice offers clients cost-saving alternatives to achieving resolution on litigation matters that arise during the construction process. Using tactics formulated from a tested “interest-based” approach, Steptoe mediators explore with all parties the interests of all associated with the matter. Innovative solutions are developed with the independent and impartial mediator, saving parties significant time and money during difficult situations.

Mediation is a process in which a neutral third party works with disputants to reach a voluntary, negotiated settlement, thus avoiding the time, cost, and hostility that can result from litigation. Mediation is particularly beneficial to companies seeking not only to resolve disputes but also often to expand relationships between and among the disputants. Certain courts have required that parties invoke mediation before a trial can begin. Additionally, contracts may incorporate a specific dispute resolution approach that involves mediation. The parties to a dispute along with the mediator can usually create the rules for the mediation.

Our team specializes in formulating creative solutions to the issues that often are unique to the construction industry. We employ a “win-win” approach to mediations that has been particularly successful in our many negotiated settlements throughout the years. Steptoe works closely with general contractors, specialty contractors, construction management firms, land use developers, building owners, real estate brokers, insurance companies, and other law firms to successfully solve complex problems. Practice group members have participated in resolving hundreds of construction disputes, including serving as an advocate in construction mediations. In addition, Steptoe’s experience includes handling numerous grievance mediations with the Teamsters, and in more than 20 construction Dispute Review Boards (DRBs) on large construction projects.