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The Washington Examiner Quotes Stewart Baker on Cyber Deterrence Policy

July 29, 2016

The Washington Examiner quoted Stewart Baker in a July 28 article titled “Does the US Have Credible Cyber Deterrence Policy?”  The article discusses the breach of the Democratic National Committee’s email system and subsequent posting of embarrassing emails on the WikiLeaks site.  If Russia is identified as the culprit, the most prominent policy question is whether the Obama administration has a credible cyber deterrence policy.

Mr. Baker suggests the current deterrence policy is laughable.  He says:  "Five years ago, you'd have said that the Russians hacking presidential campaigns to help their favorite candidate win was dystopian fiction.  Now half the country is shrugging it off or in denial.  And the other half is using the episode to score points off Donald Trump.  Putin must be amazed to be getting away with this."

The full article can be read at The Washington Examiner.