The Hill Quotes Shannen Coffin on Trump’s Control of the Supreme Court

November 18, 2016

The Hill quoted Shannen Coffin in an article titled “Supreme Court Now in Trump’s Hands.”  The article, published November 15, discusses how President-elect Donald Trump could radically shift the Supreme Court to the right over the next four years.  Trump wants to see Roe v. Wade  overturned, and the article states the ideological balance of the Supreme Court was a big reason why conservative and evangelicals supported Trump.

Mr. Coffin says:  “Republicans in the Senate made the right decision in making this an election issue, and it was a central election issue, and it got people to the polls for him.  If he were to turn on that, it’d be a huge betrayal of the expectations he set in the election.”

The full article can be read at The Hill.