Wall Street Journal Quotes Stewart Baker on Trump Team’s Focus on DHS

December 2, 2016

Stewart Baker was quoted in The Wall Street Journal in an article titled “Donald Trump Transition Team Turns Focus to Homeland Security.”  The article, published November 30, discusses President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team’s meetings to staff the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  The US Customs and Border Protection and the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement are both divisions of DHS, which could make it difficult for the president-elect to find a secretary who can handle both.

Mr. Baker, who served as the first assistant secretary for policy at DHS, says:  “Finding folks who want to work on immigration is a different set of candidates than finding folks who want to work on homeland security.   Finding someone who can do both, that’s tricky.”

The full article can be read at The Wall Street Journal (subscription required). 

A summary of The Wall Street Journal article and Mr. Baker’s comments was featured in Politico on December 1.