Law360 Quotes Jaques, LaRocca on Tech Risks for Transportation Companies

November 27, 2017

Law360 quoted Dane Jaques and Tony LaRocca in a November 22 article titled “Evolving Tech Drives New Risks For Transpo Cos.” The article discusses the technological advancements and changing consumer demands that are forcing transportation companies to streamline their operations to stay competitive. Experts warn that adapting to the changing landscape means tackling new legal risks.

As the commercial use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), or drones, expands in the United States, drone manufacturers and operators are still pinpointing what their product liability risks are, what safety standards they have to follow and what limits are placed on their drone flights and operations. Mr. Jaques explains that the drone testing pilot program leverages the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) ability to create a path for more advanced UAS operations. "The pilot program is very significant. ... I think it's something the FAA was very smart in undertaking,” he says. “Beyond visual line of sight [drone flights] is revolutionary in terms of expanding the utility of unmanned aircraft systems."

A looming question for autonomous vehicles manufacturers will be how to responsibly manage the mountains of data generated by the use of such cars. Mr. LaRocca says: "I don't know that the industry knows the answer to this question of who owns the data. I don't know that there's any real consensus on that. I'm not really sure there's a regulatory resolution of that question. I think it's going to play out behind the scenes as the data gets used by the various entities that have access to it. That's going to happen in the marketplace [to figure out] who owns it and how can it be monetized."

The full article can be read at Law360 (subscription required).